Behind the Ride

Hiyaa there, everyone!
My name is Marsha. I am a fifth semester student of International Relations Department in an university in Bandung, Indonesia. I am currently officially 20, meaning I am just starting to explore the charms of being a twenty(-something).

I am a whimsical and dreamy, a random girl; a fusion between mature and childish who cannot stop thinking. My biggest dreams are to have a happy marriage, to travel the world, and to find a 'life tutor' from whom I can learn philosophy - that I love.

I love a lot of things; to name a few: ice cream especially cookies-and-cream flavored, dogs, vintage stuffs, books, and floral pattern. I love listening to classical music, jazz, easy-listening pop, country, and oldies. I also love to dance, sing, and play the piano; though I still need a lot of practice on those. I enjoy fashion, being creative like making scrapbooks, photo collage, or movie clips, and also interior designing&decorating --> this is also why I love the Sims so much!

I am most afraid of ghosts and spiders. Bees buzzing around also make me nervous. I also think I slightly have a possibility of OCD because I always want things around me somewhat organized: my hair, my books, my stationary.

Currently, I'm juggling activities such as:
- Delegate of Argentina, APMUN (Asia Pacific Model United Nations)
- Supervisor, PMUN (Parahyangan Model United Nations)
- President of IREC (Int'l Relations English Club)
- Blogging & Business
- Street-fashion watching
- DIY Projects

I am really thankful for everything I have in life, especially my loved ones. And I am also very thankful for you for reading my humble blog! Let's be blog pals! :D

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