What Am I Doing New Year's Eve?

Saturday, December 31, 2011
HEY THERE, EVERYONE! :D 2012 is approaching, wooohoooo!
So, as to answer the question asked in the video below ('What Are You Doing New Year's Eve' by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt), I'll tell a little bit about my New Year's Eve! :D

This morning, I went to Kecoakman's house as a surprise. Reason? Very simple. Because I wanted to see him the last time before 2011 ended :p hhas I brought with me a box of fried banana with srikaya jam for his family. And it was priceless to see him surprised and happy :p hhas We then spent a few hours in Summarecon Mall Serpong, watching Spy Kids 4, and we headed back to my house to spend some quality time together. :D He made me really happy! I guess it is like the writings on his t-shirt, 'Love is placing your happiness in others.' hhas :p

After he went home, at around 6 pm, my mom and I went to church for holy mass. And now that we are back at home, we're ready to welcome the new year, along with Mbok and the doggies. :D

I hope your New Year's Eve as bright and merry as mine, or even more! :D

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

Aren't they SO cute??? I love Zooey! I like JGL too :D Lovely song!

A Glimpse of My Xmas #2

Friday, December 30, 2011
Hello again, folks! :D Whoaaa it's getting closer to the end of 2011, eh??
Well, before it ends, I wanna share the last glimpse of my Christmas season this year! :D

The series of my Xmas activities continued onto Dec 26.

Kecoakman (my boyfriend, also known as Yoseph) and I spent this day together as our private Christmas celebration. We took a bus to Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta, for this mall always had extraordinary Christmas decoration every year. And it was true! The theme for this year was 'Christmas in the Land of Sweets'. So there were candy canes, and other cute and sweet stuffs everywhere! For full cover of this, keep visiting Marsha-Go-Round! :D I will post pretty pics of Mall Taman Anggrek later. (;
Anyway, we went around the mall together happily. He never took his arms off around me and it made me feel so safe, warm, happy and loved (x You must know that kinda feeling... *blushhhhh* hhas Okay, moving on! Well, we didn't ice skate this time. But we watched Mission Impossible IV. The movie was great! The soundtrack kept 'haunting' me for a couple of days, making me feel like I was in some kind of secret mission every time :p
Well, in short, we did have so much fun this day. Yes it went a little rough near the end, but we ended the day perfectly beautiful :D So, thankssss for everything, my Kecoakman! Sorry if I was such a cry-baby... HAHA

And last on my Christmas activities, gathering with my girls on Dec 29.

So there we were: me, Maya, Caesa and Chinthia. There was supposed to be Monik as well in the picture, but unfortunately she was taking the pic. -.-" And the other pics with the complete package of the five of us haven't been uploaded till now. hhas but no worries, when I've had more pics, I'll keep you posted! (;
Anyway, despite me not feeling very well (masuk angin grawr!), we finally had a quality time together and it was soooo... well, I don't know, great! (x I felt really happy and warm with them. We shared stories (including ghost stories by Monik!), laughters, and even a lil tears as Caesa got carried away with her feeling. :'D But like Caesa said, 'There's nothing like a friend's hug.' We spent hours, just talking! And having fun with Monik's new SLR. I had some pretty good time too taking pics with that new camera :p
And that day... was great. :'D I love you, girlsssss.

Sooo... that basically concluded my Christmas activities this year :D
But, before I end my story, I would love to share some of the gifts that I gave and got this Christmas! :D

This year, I gave...
1. My mom: Christmas decoration!

My mom, just like me, really looooves Christmas decoration. So I gave her these cute snowman tree hangings from Sogo Dept. Store! There are six of them, but I only captured one of them :D

2. Kecoakman: Polosky laptop bag!

He had been looking for a laptop bag and never really got one. So, I think I'd surprise him and get him one! I am so glad that he likes it (x PS. this is not the picture of the bag I gave him. I forgot to take picture of it, so I use one that I think kinda resembles the thing. But not very close! It is hard to find the right pic grawr! щ(ºДºщ)

3. Kecoakman's family: a medium box of Van Houten chocolates & candle+chandelier
no picture, sorry ):

I just wanna say something about the chandelier. The chandelier was very special! I bought it in Mt. Tangkuban Perahu last month. The chandelier had special pattern like batik on it, and I originally thought it was carved onto it. BUT IT WAS NOT! The pattern came originally from the bark of the trees called batik sukun. Only found in Indonesia! (x Amazing...

4. Caesa: a photo frame, with picture of us and some other friends!

But no picture of the frame, sorry )': It is just simple, classy black though :D

And, this year, I got from...
1. My mom: knitted sweater!

NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT I WAS VERY EXCITED TO RECEIVE THAT! Awwww big big BIG thanks to you, Mommyyyyy :* And thank God you didn't have to spend too much money on that one! Hoorraay for discount! :p

2. Kecoakman: knitted hat! and from his sister, Ci Lia: Mickey-Minnie broach!

Can you see the hat and the broach perfectly? SO CUTEEEE, ME LOVE! (x Tons of thanks to you, Kecoakman :* And tons of thanks to you too, Ci Lia! *hugsss*

3. Caesa: Buble and Glee Christmas CDs

OMYGOD OMYGOD OMYGOD something from the Christmas wishlist! My other friends said that the CDs had been sold out everywhere. You did magic, Ces, to find these! THANKSSSS! :'D

But most of all,
the greatest Christmas gift I got this year is the presence of HIM, and surely, the presence of my beloved ones: family, friends, lover... even my dogs! :D I am forever grateful for this blessing.. I pray that His blessings may always be poured unto us all, and that we can all always be grateful for that. :'D

I love you all! :*

Happy Jar

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Hello there! I'm back with more DIY personalized gift idea! :D
One of my besties in Bandung, Adela, just had her twentieth birthday yesterday. Twenty is a big thing, right? So we decided to give her something reaaaally special, especially since Adela kinda dreaded the coming of the twenties.
Well, I happened to stumble across something like a decorated jar on the internet, which is a jar that you can display in your room, decorated with old photos from their parents' old yearbook and filled with a candle. So, I popped out the idea of a 'Happy Jar', which is kinda similar to what I found on the internet, but I gave it some twists.
Instead of decorating it with parents' old photos, I wanted to decorate this Happy Jar with photos from our teenagers' era (which are usually dorky, narcissistic, and etc you know :p) to mark the end of it and serve as a memory for her. I also wanted to fill the Happy Jar with our wishes for Adela so that she can open it anytime she feels unhappy or lonely. My other friends agreed. And so, the job was trusted into my hands.

This is how the Happy Jar looks like. :D Pretty cute, right?
So, what do we need if we are planning to make one? Well, quite simple:
1) a medium-sized jar
2) a bunch of old photos (you can edit them so they would look more like old photos)
3) decorative ribbons
4) multi-colored styrofoam snow
5) fancy-colored paper
6) gold strand
7) double tape

Now, let's arrange it into a Happy Jar!

First, measure the width, length, and height of the jar to make sure that you print the right-sized photos.
Second, stick the photos onto the four sides' surfaces of the jar. You can order it as you like, but I prefer it in an orderly arrangement, like an old yearbook.
Third, decorate the jar with decorative ribbons and fancy-colored paper as you like. In my case, since Adela loves pastel colors, I used sparkly violet and pink. I used it especially to wrap the jar's cap, since it was red and didn't match at all with the rest of the color palette.
Fourth, fill the jar with multi-colored styrofoam snow.
Fifth, cut the fancy colored paper into 10 cm x 10 cm size. These smaller pieces of paper will be used to write the wishes or quotes. I used blue for the boys, and pink for the girls. You can also modify the size based on what you need.
Sixth, fold the wishes/quotes papers and tie it with the gold strand. Put and arrange them inside the Happy Jar.
And last, final decoration up to your liking. In my case, I wrote on the top 'Adela's Happy Jar', a quote 'But we're still having fun and that's the key; You are a twenty, and we'll keep loving you.', and repetitively around the edge of the top of the cap: 'Happy Tree Friends'.

... voila! :D
Now your Happy Jar is ready to display or to give as a gift.
Simple yet cute and meaningful gift/decoration, right?? :D

Digali masih ada terus.. Jadi happy ~(‾▿‾~) ~(‾▿‾)~ (~‾▿‾)~ #happyjar
-@LumiereJr a.k.a. Adela

When Life Gives You Lemons...

Good morning, universe! :D
This morning I stumbled across something funny on the internet.
Do you know the quote, 'When life gives you lemons, make lemonade'?
Well, it seems that the quote can be twisted in so many other ways! hhas :p
I'll share with you some of the best that I found. Let's start!

  • If life gives you lemons, ask for the receipt so you can exchange them for oranges.

  • If life gives you lemons, ask why it can't give you money instead?

  • If life gives you lemons, grow a lemon tree. When that tree gives you more lemons, make a lemon orchard. When that orchard gives you more lemons, sell them and become rich. Then next time you see life, you can say, “Thanks for the lemons!” Life hates people who are grateful for its lemons.

  • If life gives you lemons, throw them at life and see if life will make the same mistake again.

  • If life hands you lemons, take a permanent marker, write “pass it on” on each one, and mail them to complete strangers.

  • If life hands you lemons, throw them back and yell “I WANTED CHOCOLATE!”

  • When life give you lemons, eat them, they are good for you – life knows best.

  • When life gives you lemons eat them as fast as possible and get huge bragging rights.

  • When life gives you lemons, ask yourself how exactly an anthropomorphic personification of something immaterial like life can give you a fruit.

  • When life gives you lemons, do what we all do with unwanted gifts: Thank the giver, then regift it to someone else.

  • When life gives you lemons, dress up like life and hand them on to someone else.

  • When life gives you lemons, fake a british accent and say, “Please, sir! May I have some more?”

  • When life hands you lemons, blame Adam and Eve for eating all the good fruit.

  • When life hands you lemons, make lemonade. Then, find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party!

  • Hhas some of them are really funny, no? :D
    And here is my favorite, well it's more motivational than funny I guess, but still:
    When life gives you lemons, go make grape juice and let people wonder how.

    A Glimpse of My Xmas #1

    Hello there, everyone! :D
    As I promised, I will share with you glimpses of my Xmas season this year. (;

    The series of Xmas activities of mine began with a Christmas revival service (Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani / KKR) of Stephen Tong on Dec 22nd.

    I myself am a Catholic, but my boyfriend Yoseph and his family are part of Reformed church, founded by Reverend Stephen Tong, called Gereja Reformed Injili Indonesia. His parents asked me to come along with their family to a Christmas revival service in the Gelora Bung Karno Senayan. Ci Denise, the girlfriend of Yoseph's older brother also came along. Unfortunately, Ko Sugiri, the boyfriend of Yoseph's eldest sister couldn't come along.
    Well, we went together to Senayan on Yoseph's family's car. I was so happy to be able to join the family on this religious event. The venue was grand and packed with sea of people. The choir was phenomenal, they sang a number of great worship and Christmas songs, including Hallelujah by Handel. And, the sermon delivered by Reverend Tong was also touching. He said that our God is Love. He doesn't only love, but He is Love itself. That is why He sent His Beloved Son to come and save the world, which had gone astray and full of sins. He calls every sinner who is willing to repent. (': Thousands of candles were lit. It was veryyy beautiful to see.
    After the service, we went to Gading Serpong to have dinner together. I was sooo full. The satays were great! I also had a big dose of laughter that night. It was a very unforgettable night indeed. (:

    The series continued onto the Christmas Eve, Dec 24.

    On this night, I attended the Christmas Mass in my own church. The theme is again about love, God's love, and how we can fill our lives with that love. How we can achieve the condition of 'Thy kingdom comes' on earth. The Christmas decoration and the choir were amazing. Some youths were appointed to wear costumes. Everyone had their own 'task', for instance bringing the charity boxes, or greeting people 'Happy Christmas' by the end of the mass. It was a very lovely mass indeed (': My friend, Devina, was one of the costumed youths!

    And the last part for this glimpse, Dec 25.

    On this very day of Christmas, my mommy and I went to my granny's for a Christmas lunch; a tradition that has been going on, like, forever in our family. hhas :p Spaghetti, meatballs, oxtail soup, cakes... and many other foods! hhas This is also a time for our family to gather, catch up with each other's news, and just basically share some love and warmth! :D
    This day I got to meet my beloved cousin, Ben. He, Endi (my other cousin, currently in Stockholm) and I were very close back then as kids. Like three musketeers! :p and like our parents: Ben's mom, Endi's dad, my mom. I was so glad to finally meet Ben, and to see that he finally cut his hair! :p He looked so much more handsome with his hair properly cut HAHA *I sounded like Mrs Weasley, fussing over Bill's hair* :p

    And that's all for the first glimpse of my Xmas season this year!
    I'll be back with some more (;
    Hope you had a very merry Christmas yourself! Toodley-o! :*


    Wednesday, December 28, 2011
    Because I feel like a stranger everytime you're in that world. You're like this whole other person and I don't understand. There's a reason why I always invite you to join some of my events. To make sure you don't feel like a stranger. To make sure you feel accepted in this world of mine too. To make sure that my friends are yours. But I can't feel that way with this one particular world of yours. I am not a part of it and probably never will be. I never rest assured wehenever you're in that world. I am a stranger. I don't know you.

    Personalized Door Sign

    Hello there, people! Happy happy Christmas again! :D
    How's your holiday so far? I hope you are all happy and warm in this festive season.
    My holiday has been b-e-a-uuuutiful, and I'll share glimpses of my Christmas season with you soon! (;

    Today, however, I would like to talk about gifts. Seems fitting for the festive season, no? :p Well, you have known for sure that I looove adding personal touch to basically anything: from my dorm room, to the gifts I give to my loved ones. (; And now, I would like to share one of the simplest from my collection of DIY (do-it-yourself) personalized gifts.

    It is..... *fanfare* personalized door sign, hoorraay! hhas
    This is a very simple yet very cute gift you can give to someone. In my case, I made this as a gift to my friend in Bandung, Inggrid, as she had her 19th birthday on Dec 16th.

    First, on the previous day, we gave her a voucher saying that she was entitled to have us coming over to her dorm on her birthday, to install a special gift.

    Then, on her birthday, we came by silently very early, and install the gift (;

    So, how to make this particular cute gift?
    Very simple! All you need are:
    1) a bunch of polaroids.
    You can have some polaroids containing quotes, or sayings, like I did. In my case, it says "This is Inggrid's room. Don't mess around cos we heart her'.
    2) 1 metre of rope (enough for two signs, adjust to your needs)
    3) a bunch of cute wooden paper clips
    4) double tape

    Arrange them together: cut the rope into the needed length, clip the polaroids onto it, stick double tape to the back of the paper clips to stick it to the door...

    ... and voila!
    Surely you can add anything you like that will cheer it up a bit; ribbons, for instance. I like to keep it simple though, to make sure that the saying pop out.

    And this is my personalized door sign. :D Pretty simple, no? This is very fitting for students' financial condition because it says a lot with very minimum budget! (;
    Inggrid was sooo excited to get this present, because she had been longing for a cute door sign. :p My friend, Vinsen, who contributed financially for this gift, said that he loved the saying the most. While my other friend Trissa, who also contributed financially for this gift, said that she loved the paper clips the most. :D

    Do you have any idea about DIY personalized things? Feel free to share 'em!

    PS. You don't have polaroid camera? No worries! I made this one not with polaroid camera either, but with the help of Photoshop! (;

    Happy Happy Christmas!

    Sunday, December 25, 2011

    MERRY CHRISTMAS 2011, everyone! :D

    Let us give thanks, for God is Love and therefore He sent His Beloved Child, Jesus Christ to come and save the world (:

    May we always be blessed and be a blessing!

    Ravenclaw and English Oak

    Friday, December 23, 2011
    Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

    Thanks to my soul sister, Amanda, I was finally able to get back in Pottermore a few days ago! Yaaay! :D Yeah, though had been one of the lucky few that were accepted early into the Pottermore world, due to my lame internet connection, I could not access the site and/or exploit the full use of it. I was stuck on the Gringotts page for, like, ever. But thanks to Amanda, her computer, and her awesome internet connection, I could get back inside and finish ALL Book 1 in a few hours. Hoorraaaaay! :D

    In Pottermore, we would all get questions to determine which wand we will procure and what house we are sorted into. The questions were unexpected! hhas they can be very random like asking you 'which one do you choose (from a coin), head or tail?'. JENG JENGGG! hhas The result came out kind of surprisingly, especially for the sorting ceremony! hhas Amanda and I even literally jumped on our chair out of shock when it came out (because there was no telling that 'the result will now be presented', or some kind like that)! It just came out, no warning! :p

    Aaaaand.. Here are some results of my journey:

    English Oak with Phoenix Feather Core, Eleven Inches, Slightly Springy

    Yep, that's right, baby! I am in Ravenclaw woohooo! :D I am really glad to get a phoenix core wand AND be placed in Ravenclaw. I do feel it in my heart that I belong somewhere between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. And though I was not sorted into Gryffindor as many might have longed, I am still happy and proud to be sorted out as Ravenclaw! Woohooo!
    Amanda's respond was like, 'Wow hebat banget kamu dapet phoenix core!', and (this one I quoted from her twitter), 'Woohooo my best budy @marshaimaniara was sorted into ravenclaw~ the sorting hat can detect the smart ones x)'
    Hhas I am just sooo thrilled. Too bad Amanda had disabled her Pottermore account (all for the sake of her A level exams - so Hermione! :p). Otherwise we could have explored this Pottermore world together..
    We had so much fun exploring it: collecting (pocket-picking! :p) Galleons, books and ingredients for potion, brewing potions, practising spells and dueling people. We were even banned from the dueling application for a while because we were 'abusing' it too much! hhas Anyway, with me back to my own laptop and lame internet connection, I won't be able to get inside Pottermore for a while.
    However, I vent my feelings by re-reading the Harry Potter books. I have this bursting proud and happy feelings everytime I come across Flitwick or other Ravenclaws. I think it has started to grow in me: sense of belonging to Ravenclaw! :p I am so overwhelmed reading Harry Potter. I finished re-reading the seventh book just this afternoon. I got so much teary. It really hit me that I have grown up, and how coincidentally perfect timing it is that the Harry Potter series (movies) ended at the same year of my last year of ages '1-something'.

    I am indeed a Harry Potter generation, and PROUD of it. (':

    Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.
    -J.K. Rowling

    Identity Crisis


    My family and I are all Indonesian by citizenship. However, we are of Chinese descendants. My father is son of Chinese couple (my grandpa and grandma) who moved to Indonesia and became Indonesian citizens. My mother is daughter of Chinese man and Javanese woman. So, basically I have Chinese blood in me.

    This, however, doesn't really show in my look.

    People have often mistaken me as Sundanese or Manado girls (both are specific ethnicity Indonesian girls with whiter skin tone etc.). Very few can have me pinned down as 'Chinese' from the first meeting. Most people are shocked when they know that I am of Chinese descendant. Their responds are usually, 'Ah, masa?! Tapi kamu gak sipit! Aku kira kamu Manado/Sunda.' ('Oh, really?! But your eyes are not small! I thought you were Manado or Sundanese.')
    And to be honest, this brings about some kind of 'identity crisis' for me. Especially, since I am surrounded with Chinese culture and people: my family, most of my friends, my boyfriend and his family... It has also become my standard of beauty, Chinese: white skin, smaller eyes, straighter hair...
    Therefore, I am really afraid of getting exposed to the sun too much - worried that my skin tone will get darker, and it will be even much harder to recognize me as 'Chinese'. And even, I always straighten my hair every year (my original hair is very wavy).

    I like it best when at special occasions (that I can't figure out when exactly, nor how to 'replicate' it) I look more like a Chinese.

    It boosts my confidence. Cos usually, no matter how good I look that day, if I feel that I don't look 'Chinese enough' on that day I can't say sincerely, 'Okay, I look decent.' This identity crisis and my efforts to resemble my 'ancestors' are even deepened by my liking of K-Pop Stars: SNSD, and the fact that I am surrounded with pretty Chinese girls as my friends. hhas

    Now, don't get me wrong though. I am not being racist or trying to say that Chinese looks better than Indonesian. Nooo. hhas I, for a matter of fact, have quite a lot of Indonesian in my list of people that i reckon very, very beautiful. It's just me. That haven't found my 'inner peace', or haven't made peace with my appearance. hhas I know that I have my own beauty (not to pat myself on the back), people mention that several times - that I look sweet, or cute, or even beautiful at times. I just haven't had strong enough grip on it.
    I believe in inner beauty, that's for sure. But as a perfectionist, I can't rest until I have it both perfect, inner and outer beauty. hhas and too bad that I have the somewhat wrong sense of my outer beauty.

    I really need to get a grip on it: I might have Chinese blood inside me, but I am an Indonesian. Lucky that I can have both the beauty of these two amazing cultures and ethnicity. In the new year, I shall try to accept my appearance and love it more to the fullest. That I am who I am regardless how I look. That I am beautiful, just as every woman on this planet Earth.

    PS. I'm not saying that in the new year I will stop straightening my hair, though! :p I consider it necessary - my original wavy hair is lion's-like and very messy, very difficult to have it done! I just hope that I will be doing that not out of insecurity due to this 'identity crisis' anymore. But really out of practicality and aesthetics. Yeah. Fingers crossed.

    For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it.
    -Ivan Panin

    Tucker, the Piano Player Dog

    Monday, December 12, 2011

    The caption underneath the video on Youtube:
    Tucker, our one and a half year old Schnoodle, plays the piano and sings along at least 3 or 4 times every day. In spite of all of his practicing, he really isn't getting any better at it.



    Vintage Wedding Dress

    PS. Do listen, it goes with the mood of the post! (;

    Angus & Julia Stone - The Wedding Song

    I am pretty much obsessed with vintage wedding dresses, especially the lace gowns kind. I particularly think that they will be PERFECT for wedding service at church. It goes with the sacred feeling you get from church, the... I don't know how to describe it. Just... that feeling you get when you attend a wedding service in a church, especially in a big old cathedral. I don't expect a big ceremony at church. Just a small one, with my family and closest friends. So, I don't think I would need a dress so grand like what I would more likely wear in the wedding reception.
    These two following dresses are the ones that I love the most from my collection so far. And up till now, the chance is very big that I would wear something like these two to my wedding service. (': I like the second one better than the first; I like the fact that it would highlight my most favorite parts of my body: my shoulders and collar bones.

    They're all gorgeous, aren't they?? :D

    I am indeed a nineteen-going-on-twenty year old girl with lifelong passion and love for all things wedding, true love and happily ever after.


    Sunday, December 11, 2011
    Hello again, folks! Happy Sunday! :D
    I'll be continuing having my final exams again starting tomorrow, but lemme just post something real quick here. :p

    Today, let's talk about trademarks!

    A trademark, trade mark, or trade-mark is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to identify that the products or services to consumers with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source, and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities.

    And, I believe that everyone has their own 'trademarks'. :D Including me! I am glad that I have something distinctive to identify me different from the others. But, it doesn't always bring positive outcome. Sometimes, having people already associated us with those particular things can be pretty annoying too. Of course, it all depends on how we react upon it too. And now, I would like to share my 'trademarks' with you guys. :D

    1. GPA 4.0

    Well, in campus, I am known as the girl with 'GPA 4.0', or 'Anak / Cewek IP 4.0' in Bahasa. Of course, this is a good thing so I should not be embarrassed about it. And no, I am not embarrassed about it. I am actually really grateful to have this kinda trademark. But, to be honest, it can also be annoying to have people calling you 'Anak / Cewek IP 4.0' all the time, especially if they shout it to call me from afar or announce it to about everyone else. It makes the situation really awkward, you see. Because I don't really wanna brag about it, and it can sometimes be annoying to have people - in about the most random moments - come to me and test me, 'Okay, smart girl, mention the presidents of the United States in chronological order' or 'Okay, IP 4.0, mention the member states of ASEAN in chronological order of them joining ASEAN'. Okaaaay...? hhas
    Of course it feels good to have people sincerely congratulate or admire you for your achievement. But, mind you, I am NOT that smart. hhas I am not a smurfin' 'Walking Google'. I may know some things and not know the others, just like other people too. I love discussing about things, especially those of IR fields or philosophy, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'm such a know-it-all. It often happens to me where in an assigned group discussion, when I speak out my opinion and ask for others', they would only laugh and say, "Ah, you must be right lah, just write it down as our answer, in Acha we trust!". But, I would really love to hear your opinions as well! And I'm not always right, too. hhas
    And also, when other groups do presentation in front of the class, they would tend not to pick me in Question&Answer session for asking questions - because they said they were afraid that my questions would be too hard to answer (come on, I don't ask questions to knock you down, and not all my questions are 'high quality questions', you've got to believe me on this one! hhas)
    So yeah, this is basically when having trademark 'GPA 4.0' can be annoying at some times. (: I may just smile most of the times you do the things above to me, I may try to keep pushing you to give me your opinions as well. Just for your information, I often do not know how to react when those things happen to me. So, please do me a favor and help me out by knowing when to joke about it and when not to! :p
    But I am not ungrateful. In fact, I am really grateful that I can keep it up until now, and I really hope that I can still keep it up for this one and the upcoming semesters. Just bear in mind that I am also a normal human like others; I might have my mistakes and not know some things too! (;

    2. Pearl Headband(s)

    Another thing which is my trademark is... the pearl headband (or bando mutiara, in Bahasa)! :D well, I must admit that pearl is one of my obsessions. I really love them, including as my headband. I wear them almost everywhere, with almost every outfit. hhas So yeah, basically if you go to my major here in my uni and ask around, 'Do you know Acha?' (Acha is my nickname other than Marsha), the standard respond that you would get is, 'Acha IP 4.0? Acha bando mutiara, right?'. Hhas
    There is even this joke around IR students (especially in my batch) that these pearl headbands of mine are the source of my 'power' (to get GPA 4.0). So if you rip the thing off my head, I would be an imbecile by instant. HAHA (this one is funny, I have to admit, - except if it has been rubbed on my face too many times in too little time span). So yeah, I'm the girl with bando mutiara! :p although I might also wear floral headbands (another obsession of mine beside pearls) - when I usually get major responds such as, 'Tumben gak pake bando mutiara!' from people. :p

    3. Sari Roti Mocca

    The third trademark of mine is... Sari Roti Mocca! I almost always have one for breakfast. And therefore, I am also known as the girl who eats Sari Roti Mocca every morning! :p

    4. Hhas

    And the last trademark of mine is... the way I write my laughter in electronic medias. If you notice, I always write 'hhas' as a mode of laughter, be it on text messages or online. I don't know why, it just feels good and fitting to me! hhas Just for your information, 'hhas' means 'hha' with 's', so plural 'Hha' --> 'Hhas'. Get it?? :p


    Alyssa Bernal - Winter Wonderland Jason Mraz Version Cover

    I hope you enjoyed learning a little about my trademarks. It would be nice if I know yours too! Feel free to post them in comments, or give me a link of your blog post talking about your trademarks (;

    In the meantime, cheerios and toodley-o for now!
    Wish me luck on my exams, and good luck right back at 'cha! (;

    Xmas in My Ears

    Saturday, December 10, 2011

    Something to cheer us up on this evening :D

    My Xmas Wishlist

    Hiiyaa there, everyone! :D
    I've been meaning to post this xmas wishlist for quite some times, and now... I finally managed to finish it! :D I know that Xmas is not just about gifts or presents. But nonetheless, I love Xmas shopping and opening up presents! hhas Sure I don't usually get every single thing on my wishlist. But, it's still fun to make them and daydream if Santa would come in the middle of the night, putting those things underneath my Xmas tree (x

    So, here goes my Xmas Wishlist for 2011!

    1. Xmas CDs

    There are two Xmas albums that I would reaaally love to have underneath my Xmas tree. They are "Christmas" from Michael Buble (it's Xmas in my ears! - his voice sounds so silky and smooth, a great way to bring an old-fashioned Xmas to your home) and "Glee Christmas Album volume 2" from the Glee Casts (they really do know how to cheer things up!).
    Some beautiful tracks that you can expect from Buble's "Christmas" includes 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas', 'Jingle Bells', 'Santa Baby', 'Silent Night', and 'Feliz Navidad'. He also does some duets in this album, for example with Shania Twain in 'White Christmas' and Thalia in 'Feliz Navidad'.
    On the other hand, from Glee's "Christmas Album volume 2", you can expect 'All I Want for Christmas is You' by Amber Riley (Mercedes), 'Let It Snow' by the cute couple Criss (Blaine) and Colfer (Kurt), and even... 'Blue Christmas' from the newbie, Damian McGinty!
    SOOOO, basically I will be sooooo excited to have them two! (x

    2. Xmas Plush

    As childish as it may sound, I am still excited to receive plush, toys, dolls and alikes for a gift. And sooo, although I have already had one or two Xmas-themed plush, I would still be glad to have some more! I mean, look at those cute plush! They all look so fluffy! Me want!

    3. Xmas Sweater

    As you might already know, I reaaally love anything knitted, including knitted sweaters. And believe it or not, it includes those of Xmas-themed ones! They may look goofy or tacky, but I still love them (x They look so warm and just remind me a lot of Xmas. They cheer me up even just to look at them! hhas I currently have NONE in my closet, so it would basically light up my day to get one on this Xmas day. And I am so thankful that I currently live in Bandung, a city in Indonesia which is actually cold enough and rains often enough to wear sweaters! :D
    PS. I wouldn't say no to any knitted sweater beside Xmas-themed sweaters, though! hhas it might even be better to get one each! :p

    4. Xmas Decors

    As the result of the NY Times Personality Test from the other day said, I just love putting personal touches to my space. So, I would really be glad to get some Xmas decorations to add to my dorm room! I've already bought two Xmas plush hangings last week, Rudolph and Santa. Anyway, it would cheer up my day if I can get a Xmas wreath and/or a mini wooden Xmas tree to put in my dorm room (x

    5. Quilt Blankets

    Another obsession of mine: blankets, especially those made out of quilts. However, handmade-vintage quilt blankets are usually quite expensive, and therefore I am quite positive that I would receive none for this Xmas. But anyway, it's still nice to imagine getting one of those lovely blankets, don't you think? (x

    6. Books

    Yep. A geek I am. I would also love to get some books this Xmas. One of the top list book priorities is the last book from Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, "Inheritance". Gosh, it would make my day if I have a hard-covered English-version of "Inheritance" under my tree. I hope my savings would be enough to buy this one! (x And if not, well maybe I could look up for the electronic one *heart-breaks*

    So, that's all (for now) for my Xmas Wishlist this year! :D

    Ooh, btw, when I was writing the fifth section, a little kitty walked into my room, shaking from cold (yeah it's been raining all day today here in Bandung). But, as it got startled of my voice (I was honestly surprised to see a small creature unknowingly coming into my room and so I kinda shrieked), it ran out again. I went after it to make sure it's all right, maybe give it an old towel or anything to make it warmer, but it just got scared even more and ran into the pouring rain T_____T so I backed off, worried that it might be afraid to find shelter again. So, anywhere you are now, little kitty, I hope you've already found a dry place to take cover )': I am terribly sorry!!!!!