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Wednesday, March 7, 2012
Hello there, dolls! Been forever since the last update, hasn't it? TERRIBLY sorry. ):

And I haven't got the chance to post about my Singapore trip as well! Bad, naughty blogger.. *best-apologetic-face* I am so, terribly sorry. It's just I have LOTS and LOTS to catch up here in college after about a week off dealing with NTU MUN and Study Visit to several embassies in Jakarta. And now I'm having my mid-term exams.. so... busy, busy, busy! hhas But I'll get to those stories eventually, no worries!

Anyway, today I'll take some time to post something lovely. This comes from Sucré, a Musical Group comprised of (Singer) Stacy King, (Drummer) Darren King and Musical Composer Jeremy Larson. Their debut release will be available April 10th 2012, and they have launched their first video clip (; If you love vintage, whimsical music videos and music art, you really gotta check them out (;

So, here goes to them! Cheers, and enjoy!

Such a beautiful, whimsical music video, right? (: There's something about this tone of color that draws me into it, every single time!

Toodles, and wish me luck for the mid-terms, please! (;

PS. Got great news from my soul-sister, Amanda, about her marvelous grades for A-level. It just made my day when I received it (in a meeting, suddenly teary-eyed and smiling wide like an idiot)! Can't be any more proud of her! Congratulations, love; you deserve it! (x


  1. thank you so much ndut :') yayy and you keep fighting too, alright? i'll fight along with you (:

  1. Marsha said...:

    thanks andamann :* sure, we'll keep fighting, and we'll always be ready to support each other yay!

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