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Thursday, March 22, 2012
Hello, dolls! It's still not a week after my last post right? :p Sorry, just SO SO busy these days. I've been suffering from sleep deprivation, sleepy and tired all the time. hhas

But anyway! A lil update from me!
Remember when I posted a story about me getting a new haircut here. Well, I recently got myself a new haircut! Curious....????

TADAAAA! New front bang, booyaah! I actually have been meaning to get this haircut like, thousands of years ago, but I just never had the gut to! However, about couple of weeks ago, my bestfriend Monik told me that she just had a new pretty extreme hairstyle: ash-brown pixie cut! hhas I remembered she said something like this, "Yeah, while we're young, we have to try things out - before we have job responsibility, no opportunity to have daring style..."
And so it hit me like tons of bricks! And so on one Sunday evening, just before I went to church, I paid a visit to a nearby hair salon and... get this bang out of sudden urge! hhas
What do you think??? Pretty cute? hhas Every person that I met just after I had this new hairstyle almost didn't recognize me. And when they did, they became all excited and said, "Omygosh it's so cute, so fresh, you look prettier, etc.". Hhas yeah it's pretty flattering. But I remembered getting all nervous before I went to college, first day with my new bang, just because I'm not really into getting too much attention - although I gotta admit I am also happy when people compliment my look or anything. :p
Oh, on the side note, I guess I also become 'multiracial' because of this hairstyle :p Why? An increasing number of people told me that I look so cute like a doll, but each person mentioned a different doll! To name a few: Japanese wooden doll, Indian doll, Barbie (which is American), Chinese Cleopatra, or just Cleopatra (which is Egyptian)! hhas A senior of mine even played with my hair rather too enthusiastically and ranted, "Ah you really look like a barbie! I wanna bring you home, put you in a glass display, and put you out once in a while, brush your hair, take off your clothes... (getting too extreme!)" hhas (x

For now, that's all the update from me. Sure, I still owe you guys the second part of my Singapore trip, right? :p Will you be such a candy and tolerate my lacking of time? I will post it of course, eventually!

And before I say goodbye, let me say SUPER BIG THANKS to Chinthia for her birthday present for me. It's gorgeous, and it's so Zooey Deschanel-y :p Thanks, honey!

So... toodles for now! Hope you have as much fun as I do (and slightly more time than mine to take a breath :p)!


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