About The Ride

Marsha-Go-Round (MGR) is a blog made on September 15th, 2011 by a girl named Marsha, out of love of writing and idealistic dreams to share ideas and happiness around the world. Reading this blog means being ready to read a share of her life, be flooded with pics - be it her photo diary or other people's slightly nicer pics containing things she loves, and enjoy a little creativity and some more ideas.

Marsha first made a blog in October 2008 (you can still find it here: doodleyscratch). It was originally made to put in her writings and get comments on them to improve her writing skill, rather than to share her life stories. But lately, the function of her blog seemed to alter: to contain almost everything she felt like writing.

Hence, this new blog is made.
Marsha-Go-Round is meant to be a (more organized) place where she can channel her thoughts, her feelings, her stories, her ideas: a merry-go-round ride that is fun, but can also be sickening at times; a merry-go-round ride that is full of colorful ideas; a merry-go-round ride which can take you on a melancholic round to the past, or an optimistic round to the future.


Marsha is your Average Jane.
She can't afford to buy expensive clothes nor expensive camera. So no, you won't find fashion shoots with luxurious, stylish clothes, nor beautiful backgrounds. She can't afford to go out very often or abroad, she can't always pay her college tuition every semester.
Like many Average Janes and Joes, she struggles to reach her dreams: studies hard and tries to get scholarship with her 4.0 GPA, searches for work, has to thrift many of her clothes.. Yet, she's still having fun!
Other 'luxurious' lifestyle blogs (that we both love to read!(; ) might make us dreamy, but there are also times when they leave us desperate, wanting, and ungrateful. When that happens, in Marsha-Go-Round you can find a friend. A friend that's just like you, a friend to fight with you, support each other, share experiences, lessons, things that you both love, or even just tips about making cheaper DIY stuffs. (:
For more detailed story on this one, you can check this post: I'm Just Your Average Jane.

Okay, enough talking with the third person pronoun. :D
I am Marsha, and my goal for now is:
put this blog to its maximum potentials with regards to its unique strength.

Thanks for riding Marsha-Go-Round with me! :*