I'm Just Your Average Jane

Monday, January 9, 2012
I have never quite explained before, so it's time for some revelation.

It is ME who makes it different. You won't find pretty pictures here, shot by (if shot by me) an expensive SLR or even digital pocket cam. You won't find fashion shoots with luxurious, stylish clothes, nor beautiful backgrounds. You won't find stories about amazing adventures abroad, or nights spent in clubs and parties.
What will you find here?
To be honest, I'm just your 'average Jane'. It's a term used for average American (surely I'm not an American, but we're still gonna use that internationally accepted term), coming from middle or working class of the society.
My dad has long passed away, while my mother works as an elementary school teacher. We don't live wallowing in wealth, but we live just as happily. I can't afford to buy expensive clothes. Many of my clothes came from thrift shops, unbranded shops, or greatly discounted items. Some were given as presents from my relatives or friends. I can't go out as much as my other friends. And if I do, I can't really afford to buy expensive foods (unless if it has been long planned before so I can save up some of my money). I need to struggle to pay my college tuition every semester.
So, no. You won't find luxurious stories in this blog of mine (: As much as I hope for my blog to contain wonderful stories and fashion shoots, it just does not. But I don't complain. I just realize that my blog, and me, have its own power. Or uniqueness. Or whatever you wanna call it.
Why so sure???
Well, I'm pretty sure that there are many average Janes and Joes here and there. I'm pretty sure that, just like me, we all do like staring at our computer screen reading blogs with 'expensive' stories in it. Maybe we will be happy after reading them, feeling all dreamy and stuffs. But there are also times when those blogs leave us desperate to have the life pictured in it. We want the clothes! The camera! We want to visit those expensive restos/cafes! Those beautiful places abroad! And we forget to be thankful of what we have. We can't see anymore the beauty inside us. The ideal life - is one that is pictured in those pretty blogs.

WELL :D Good news! You have a friend here!
Whenever you feel that way, come visit Marsha-Go-Round and remember that you are not alone. You never walk alone. There are people who are not born rich, and need to struggle all the way to the top. But nevermind! We have beautiful dreams inside us, and it is immensely satisfying to go work make them come true, by ourselves!
I am not exquisitely pretty or stylish. But I do love fashion and vintage stuffs. I do love looking my best. I might not be able to buy those pretty branded stuffs, so I thrift similar stuffs! They can be just as beautiful, you see, but much more affordable! :D
I might not be able to visit those beautiful places abroad with money coming out of my mom's or my own pocket. So I try to have as high education as possible, make as great achievements as possible, and fight for a scholarship abroad, or maybe be sent to a competition abroad (like what I'll experience in the next month)! (;
I might not be able to pay my college tuition by myself, but I'll try with my 4.0 GPA to find a scholarship, or apply to work somewhere. Like tutoring younger kids! (: I might have to sacrifice my free time for these struggles, but I just find it worth it for some reasons. Do you?

So basically in Marsha-Go-Round, you will find a friend. A friend to fight with you, maybe share supports, experiences, lessons, things that I (maybe we!) love, or even just tips about making cheaper DIY stuffs :p

Never be ashamed of who you are. Be who you are proudly.
Life might give you lemon, but you have family and friends and maybe lover who are willing to share the lemon and make sweet lemonade out of it!
Let's be thankful for the lives given to us (': It is the best that we can have. As long as we work hard, be grateful, have the power of imagination and dreams... we'll be fine. We'll be just fine. (:

With love and hope from your loving friend,
Marsha on her Marsha-Go-Round.

PS. You might be wondering why I post this all of a sudden. Well, I just had some dark grey cloud upon me. The scholarship I received last semester might not be available for me this semester. And the due date for last payment is tomorrow. Well, can you imagine how my Mom and I freaked out??? hhas Well, but thank God, a friend of my mom's lent us some money. Compiled with our limited savings, it should be enough. We must live a lil more cautiously after this, but... hey, life is about making sacrifices here and there too, isn't it? We'll make it through. We're following the rainbow. (: God bless you all.


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