This Is Me #3

Thursday, January 12, 2012
... continued

I love being cuddled.
I love being carried. I sometimes even like being fed. :p
I still love balloons and making bubbles.
I still enjoy naming things; even the balloons I got from pizza hut. (I named them Jose Orenho and Yellow Band).

I can't live without emoticons. I always use them to make things less serious or scary. And the consequences? Well, sometimes if I get text messages from people without emoticons, I will think that they are angry or bored with me.

I'm really awkward meeting new people, but most of the time I push myself to 'man-up' and give them a big grin. I pretend to be confident and I end up that way.

I really love giving praises. I really do. People might think that I'm just doing that as an act of ass-kissing. Or formality. Or out of pity. Well..? Whatever. I really love giving them for the sake of praises itself. Nothing else. I just find a healthy dose of praises never hurts.

I like 'collecting' quotes. And using them as references in situations.
I can't lie that I tend to care about what people think about me. It really hurts my feelings when I find out that someone's actually thinking bad of me.
I can be really superstitious. I believe that saying negative words, or telling good news that I'm not sure of yet, would jinx it.

I am ALL about marriage. I love imagining about it. Enough said. :p

I always try to build connection and maintain communication with myself. To discover more about myself, to learn more, to improve, to understand, to love.

I love oldies music. I like jazz, I like blues, I like bossa nova, I like old pop.. and I think that Louis Armstrong's voice is the definition of 'delicious'.
It really means a lot to me when my mom said things like, 'You really are your dad's daughter. You have just his sense of music / way of thinking / etc..' As simple as they may be, they still mean a lot. It makes me feel a bit closer to him. (That's why I can also relate to Harry Potter, hanging on to those moments when people tell him 'he has his mother's eyes' or 'he looks just like his father'.)

When almost every other girl is crazy about chocolate, well, I'm not so into it. I love ice cream better.

I love shopping and buying things for other people. It really is more satisfying.
I also love making personalized DIY gifts for my loved ones...

to be continued...


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