This Is Me #1

Friday, January 6, 2012
Re-posted and slightly revised from my old blog:

I am me.
I love morning sunlight and blue skies.
I love shape-guessing clouds, I love stargazing.
I am really afraid of ghosts. And unfortunately in this case, I am highly imaginative - I can become a tad bit oversensitive to sounds, and start imagining shadows and things; especially after watching horror movies.

I am very random.
I overthink things.
I love pink and yellow and fuchsia and purple.
And pastel and nude colors.
I REALLY love ice cream, especially cookies and cream flavor.
I love french fries and chicken nugget.
I hate fatty, springy foods such as pork or lamb.

I often refer my life situation to those in dramas.

I really love daydreaming and imagining things.
I want to try to live in a flower, under the sea, underground, in a hollow tree, in an anthill, in the outer space, in an igloo.

I like to sing and dance in the bathroom.
Well, actually I like to sing and dance just about everywhere.
I like to play and sing with my hairdryer - put it in front of my face and it will have two different functions: a microphone and a blower. Presto, I'm at my own concert.

I like having some me-time. I even need it.
I like talking to myself. Mostly in English.
I love reading and picturing what I read.

to be continued...


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