Thrift to Look Pretty for Less

Monday, July 30, 2012
I found out about thrifting since quite early, mostly from novels or movies. But, I really started thrifting when I was in high school. A 'flohmak market' was opened around my neighborhood, selling many secondhand and vintage stuffs. And I was instantly mesmerized. I love the process that resembles 'treasure hunting', I love the unexpected treasure I might find from a thrift stand, and I looove how the prices suit my low budget! :p Thrifting might be tricky, especially if you just start out. Therefore, let me share some tips that I've learned during my 'journey'! (;

I found it useful to have (mental) note on what I want and need. That's because a thrift stand/shop is usually so full of clothes/accessories and it can be a lil overwhelming! You might end up with a handful of clothes (that you don't even want/need that bad) and they might eventually end up on the back of your closet, forgotten and unwanted!

Don't just check the items you've got out! Before doing so, make sure you've looked through them again. Sort them into some categories (not too many, though), such as "Definitely", "Maybe", "Not really but I don't want anyone else to buy this", etc. And my suggestion is... buy the ones that you really love ONLY! Trust me, I know. :p

Always think about your existing wardrobe: "What do I need to flatter them with?", or "Is there any piece that I can't wear yet because I still have nothing to pair it with?". This helps keeping your shopping list thin and sharp, and you won't spend too much money (because you will tend to, seeing how cheap they actually are individually!) :p There's nothing wrong with wanting to buy something really different (not to complement the existing one), but be wise on how to manage it. (;

Check, check, check! No matter how cheap they are, you don't wanna walk away from that shop/stand with defected items, right?? Just because you're super excited, it's not an excuse to not spare a lil time checking through the items! Better be sure than sorry, true?

Now, being a hygiene-freak, the chance of getting other people's fungus, germs, etc kinda freaks me out. Therefore, I never ever ever EVER want to try the thrift items in store. To get around that problem, I usually go with either of these two options: first, wear them over the clothes I'm wearing, or second, I just position it align with my body to get a picture of the size. For tops, I see if it fits my shoulders from one end to another and my chest (by stretching it over), and for dresses and bottoms, my waistline. Plus, if I eventually DO buy them, I'll make sure I wash them all right. (;

If the thrift shop in question is an online shop, then to be surer of everything, don't be shy to ASK. Ask them: how many times it has been worn, the exact size, if there is any defect, etc. Why, you ask? Well, I won't deny that thrift items are cheap. But, that fact also makes us tend to overlook the importance of double-checking - which might make you end up with a pile of junks and a huge total amount of money that you've unconsciously wasted. (;

I hope this is helpful! It's a shame that there are still not so many decent thrift shops in Jakarta/Bandung, even less, Indonesia. But, that doesn't mean all hope is lost! Next time I'll be sharing about some places to find vintage and do thrifting, such as (online) shops, bazaars, and garage sales I've found along the way. Have fun thrifting! (;


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