Sunday, July 8, 2012
Hello there, lovely readers! :D Welcome to the first post of one of my new features: Deconstructed!

"Deconstructed!" is a sub-feature of one of my main features, "Pretty for Less". For each post under this label, I will pick one celebrity/model/public figure/blogger's look, and try to re-create the look with similar, but cheaper, stuffs! Pretty useful for those with limited amount of money, or those who prefer to save than to spend their money, eh? (;

For this first "Deconstructed!" post, I have picked one of my biggest fashion inspiration, and she is... indeed, the one and only Zooey Deschanel! :D The look that I will try to re-create comes from her most well-known movie, 500 Days of Summer. Here it is!

In this look, Zooey looks more laid back yet still sweet. This is something that I would wear when I take a train to travel across border in Europe: still sweet, yet very comfortable. On the side note, one of the most important ingredient in recreating her look is: something blue. Yep, because blue is her favorite color, and you'll see it pop up here and there in most of her looks.

So... did I successfully recreate Zooey's "on the train" look? Well, it's yours to judge!(;

And that's how the whole outfit looks like. (; What do you guys think??? Quite comfy to go play around with friends, right? And here's some Pixlr images I took.

Anyhoo, for your information, one of my tricks to dress up for less is to reap advantage at a sale. Both the blouse and the shorts came from two great sales, one of them is even 50% off! (; Soon I will post the tips and tricks for getting stuffs from (great) sales. But until then, toodles! :*

Cache Cache flower embroidered top ♥ Leivy Couture polkadot high-waisted shorts (from a bazaar) ♥
Les Femmes black stockings ♥ Mic's flat shoes ♥ Baby Lolita bag (gift).


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