Happy 20th Birthday, My Kecoakman!

Friday, July 27, 2012
Yesterday (July 26, 2012) was my boyfriend, Yoseph (a.k.a. Kecoakman)'s 20th birthday. And we were so grateful that for one more year, we could celebrate it together :D For his birthday, I made him a few things.

The first one is, knowing his love of foods - particularly cheese and strawberry - the special strawberry cheesecake! I really made it from scratch, no instant anything whatsoever (yes, I'll be posting the recipe soon. I know, some people have requested it) (; This cake also came with a special box, which I doodled on myself to make it more personalized.
I'm really happy that everyone loved it, especially Y. He couldn't stop eating, one slice after another! :p But his family protested that I kept making them gaining more and more weight whenever I come with foods :p

The next thing I made him is.... an electronic greeting card! In the form of a stop-motion video. It was REAL crazy making it by myself, because there were simply so much to do to make a stop-motion video. You need to draw 'em, some need cutting, then arrange them per scene, take picture of every single scene, then compile it into a pretty video. But it was soooo worth it, because Y loved it most, even more than the cake! :p
Here's a link to the better quality one, but despite its better quality, unfortunately Youtube made the duration twice longer by automatically doubling the video O.o And hopefully I'll be posting a simple DIY tutorial for a stop-motion video soon as well (;

The last thing I made him is... the surprises. hhas The first surprise was with half of his family and some of the people in his parents' music school, and the second one was with his junior-high friends (they even managed to make an announcement through the mall's loudspeakers!). He was really happy to receive both surprises, especially the one with his old friends. It was priceless to see him smile and laugh; worth every penny, every effort, everything. :'D

Indeed, unfortunately, the surprises weren't carried out too smoothly. It's either I am too bad a liar or my boyfriend is too smart a person, because he seemed to have guessed that I would give him surprises. -.-"

So yeah, that's basically everything about his special day! :D
Will you be a darling and wish him a very happy birthday as well???
Thanks for being born and yosephizing my life (':


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