Pizza e Birra

Friday, July 6, 2012
A while back ago, I celebrated my 2nd anniversary with my boyfriend. We had a great lunch date in this pretty place, called Pizza e Birra, which means "pizza and beer". I had been meaning to visit this restaurant since my pretty friend, Lydia recommended it to me.

And... I fell in love instantly! I love how well-concepted this restaurant is. The interior is gorgeous; I especially love the beautiful-patterned floor, the brick wall, the wall hangings... wait, it's pretty much everything, right? :p Anyhoo, here are some glimpse of the interior of Pizza e Birra. You can choose to eat inside or outside.

Furthermore, I really love how they pay attention to minor details! Yes, even small things such as wrappers and tissues! They've got this cute tissue with sayings printed on it, and a lovely retro-feeling wrapper for each set of cutlery.

In terms of menu, they offer quite a wide range of options. They have many different kinds of starters, salads, pizzas (they even have sweet pizza!), pasta, desserts, beverages, and even more fancy food such as Sea Bass served with Mediteranian Sauce!

For myself, I had Mama's Lasagna, which is a traditional style lasagna served with meat sauce, salami, boiled egg, and bechamel sauce. It was really, really great! Made me feel so full! For my beverage, I had French Earl Grey, which is black tea flavored with bergamot oil and flower. My boyfriend, on the other hand, picked Carbonara Dreams Calzone, with turkey bacon and egg creamy sauce for its stuffings. He said it was a real yum and he was pretty full, but it only lasted not for very long. (It was big in portion, but he said maybe it was because the calzone was pretty thin. I figure, for guys or even girls who prefer hearty portion, you might wanna choose something more solid than this one.)

Honestly, it was pretty pricey for both of us. But, since it was an anniversary after all, we managed to save some money to have something special to eat on that special day! (; So, all in all, I really recommend you guys to pay Pizza e Birra a visit, especially if you're looking to spend some quality time and have some good food in a pretty place. (; Now, let's dig in!

Pizza e Birra ♥ Paris van Java, Sukajadi, Bandung
All pictures taken by Marsha


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