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Sunday, July 1, 2012
It's almost the end of July 01, 2012 here in Indonesia! Meaning... it's time to reveal something new, something special about Marsha-Go-Round! :D I am proud to announce that Marsha-Go-Round has undergone (and is still undergoing) an expansion! (; It is intended to provide you with the best experience possible when exploring this site, and to maximize its potentials up to the uniqueness it holds as I mentioned here.

There are new features and sub-features for you to explore, wider options for you to choose from. The old tags have also been re-organized into several categories as sub-features - again, to ensure your best experience here! (;

This past couple of weeks, I've been preparing several posts that I will post on daily/bi-daily basis. So you'd better stay tuned! (; Now, let me introduce the features and sub-features first.

Yep, there's still my good ol' feature: Me-Stories. Here I'll share updates and snippets about my daily life, the big/trivial news, unforgettable moments, and the likes. (;

Next, is a new feature: My La-La-Land. This is a feature dedicated to all the things that would exist in my la-la-land! (; The sub-features included here are Vintage, Cravings and Obsessions, Baby Cam, Random, Lovelies, and Potterheads. :D

The third feature is Inspired! Here I'll share things that would encourage an inspired life, whether it comes from me, amazing people around me, or public figures. So far, Self-Empowering is the only sub-feature included here. However, there's a new other sub-feature that is underway! Hopefully will be coming to you soon (;

Now, I'm pretty excited for this brand new feature: Pretty for Less! Under this feature, I will share about how I manage to be "pretty for less". (; Not just from me, but also from others around me. The sub-features included under this feature are Outfit, Deconstructed, Shopping, Beauty, Fashion Muse, and Wish List. Curious?? Wait and see! (;

The fifth feature is called Places and Spaces. You might already get a hint from the name already, but anyway, here's the spot where I'll be sharing about various places and spaces around the world. This world (pointing planet Earth), and my world. (; The followings are the sub-features of Places and Spaces: Pretty Places, Favorite Spot, World Icons, and Lost In....

Now I have been sharing some about my relationship before, but why this new, specific feature Relationship? Well, it's because I found that quite many people like to hear my stories about my relationship with my boyfriend, and some even ask about how we can this and that. So, I thought, why not? (: The sub-features so far include Milestones and Sharing.

This is a kinda new-kinda old feature :p Yep, Studio/Kitchen! As you might as well have guessed, here I will share about Recipe, Know How, Decor, and DIY (Do-It-Yourself).

Last but not least, another kinda new-kinda old feature: In the Library. Here I would share my more academic thoughts (:p) which include Academic Tips, In My Opinion, and Zoomed In. There is/are (some) new sub-feature(s) I'm preparing, but not sure how it'd turn out. Might as well just wait and see how it rolls! (;

And that's all! My (somewhat) brand new features and sub-features (; You might notice that I've been redecorating the pages such as First Timer, Behind the Ride, and Features as well (though some only a little editing). So feel free to look around! (; In the meantime, some links to some features might not work yet because the first post under that tag is still in the waiting line. Don't worry! Check it out on daily/bi-daily basis and you will find if it's been updated! (;

I'll see you tomorrow! Happy Sunday ♥
PS. Are you watching Euro Final Match tonight?


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