Two Years and Still Going Strong

Thursday, July 5, 2012
On May 17, 2012, Kecoakman and I celebrated our two years together. (: It was a fun, intimate day together. Quoting Sex and the City 2, "You and me, just us two."

To celebrate our 2nd anniversary, I intentionally baked my signature cookies-and-cream pudding (learn how to make it here) in the shape of cockroach the day before, and surprised him on the morning with that pudding. We had a nice breakfast, gift exchange, and then we got ready for our big date. Before we headed out, I awarded him "The Best Boyfriend in the World"! (;

We had a fun date in Paris van Java, one of the most well-known mall in Bandung, Indonesia. For lunch, we picked Pizza e Birra, which basically means Pizza and Beer (you can read the review on the place here). Afterwards, we watched The Avengers in Blitz Megaplex upstairs, then had a crazy Baskin-Robbins party (thanks to Kecoakman's mom for the freebies voucher)! (;

After all that we've been through, I have him to thank to. For all the joy and the pain we've shared, for growing together. With him, I've learned so many things - that before, seemed pretty impossible. I learned about having the courage to hope, to love, to open up, to let myself be seen weak. I learned to trust, to lean on, and to let myself to rely to someone other than me once in a while. I learned to let go of my ego, what it feels to not be the superior one or have control over everything - because he's one hell of a guy: he's smart, he's hard-working, he's determined... He challenges me. And I've been enjoying every second of it, of growing together.

So, thank you. Thank you. (': I love you. ♥


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