Weekend in Instagram

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It started out as a lazy weekend, curling up in our bed refusing to leave the warmth and coziness of our blanket (by "our" I mean "my and my dog, Dipsy's"). But in the end, we've got to... cos it was gonna be an awesome weekend! :D My mom and I drove to Uncle Hari's home in Depok to celebrate the return of his family to Indonesia (his wife is an Indonesian diplomat who had been working in Stockholm for the last four years, and she brought along all their four kids). And I was really thrilled because the three musketeers were finally reunited once more! (; The three musketeers consist of my cousin Endi (Uncle Hari's oldest son), Ben (Aunt Meithy's youngest son) and me! Everyone in the family always say that we took the closeness after our parents. :p And since we were all in the atmosphere of festivity, so we popped a bottle of champagne! It was a great day indeed. And the next day, I helped out Mom at her workplace. (: How was your weekend?

PS. I fancy that bookshelf at my Uncle's home! Cute, isn't it? And what about that big W (for Wirawan family) as a focal point? Adorable!


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