We Did It!

Sunday, November 27, 2011
Hello there, everyone! :D Been too long since the last time I wrote here, no? And although I left you with somewhat negative post before, I am happy to announce that I'm back with good stories! Yaaaay! :D

The reason I was missing for the past week is that.. I was in the Pertemuan Nasional Mahasiswa HI se-Indonesia (PNMHII), or National Meeting of the Indonesian IR Students with the delegate from my university (consisting of 10 persons in total), where I was assigned the Diskusi Ilmiah or Scientific Discussion :D The national meeting was held from Nov 19th to Nov 24th, with my university as the host for this year, consisting of a series of activities. On Saturday, the welcoming party. On Sunday, the final round of Diskusi Ilmiah for me and my partner, Elisa! :D On Monday, the Short Diplomatic Course (some sorta MUN in the Asia-Africa Conference Building) for Dimas, Olga and Yani where they act as the delegate of India. On Tuesday, national seminar and workshops. On Wednesday, the city tour and closing party. On Thursday, going home. :D And every night from Sunday to Tuesday, were Joint Statement Forum (JSF) for Vinsen, Kyana, Marcella and Sidang Forum (SF) for Inggrid, Tazia and Yani.

SO. Sunday, Nov 20th 2011 (20-11-2011 -- special date for major day! :p). A big day for me and Elisa. We were finally about to present our hard work. Aaaanddd THANK GOD we managed to do it well. We managed to present the paper without major errors, we managed to answer every question, and we managed to get fantastic reviews from people (x it was so exciting! I felt that we had given all the best we could. So, matter of winning or losing didn't matter that much anymore to me at that time. Especially since the other finalists also did such very good jobs :D

Anyway, since after the presentation I had nothing left to do, I was assigned as the observer for JSF and SF. Being an observer means that I had to watch carefully as the forum proceeded, and gave my opinion/critics/suggestions/evaluation to the JSF and SF crew based on my observation. Being an observer, as well as a delegate for JSF and SF, means three hours or less of sleep every night. So basically, we were all walking zombies due to lack of sleep. Albeit the zombieness, we still had so much crazy fun! The delegate of my university bonded very well. It felt so good to have a number of new good friends (x

full team! :D

the Diskusi Ilmiah team! :D me and elisa

Short Diplomatic Course, with other delegate from other uni

Bandung City Tour

Then, came the Closing Party where the committee will announce the winners of Diskusi Ilmiah, and the Best Delegate and Best Spokesperson of Short Diplomatic Course.
Aaaaanddd.... TA-DAA! Olga, Dimas and Yani won the Best Delegate award from the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You go, U**** (sorry, but I gotta censor the name of my uni)! :D

But the night was still long. It was still loooong way to go to the announcement for the winner for Diskusi Ilmiah. Elisa was soo nervous, she asked me to rub her arms endlessly hhas we were both very nervous. And then it was time for the announcement. The judge announced the third winner... the runner-up... andddd.... IT'S US! THE FIRST WINNER! OMYGOD! (x aaaaaaaaaaa we went speechless for God only knows how long. All we knew was that there were suddenly arms around us, hugging us, congratulating us. (x I got teary-eyed all of a sudden. And we were summoned to the stage, the head of the committee handed us the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs trophy. It was big and weighed a lot, with a globe on top. (x it was beyond amazing.. This will be something I'll never forget :'D thanks everyoneeee for the support and the prayers. You guys are awesome! And last but not least, congratulations for my university, both as the host and for having all the trophies back this year (x Long live U****!

PS. one of our teammates, Vinsen, is now laying on the hospital suffering from Hepatitis A. Please pray for him so that he can get well really soon, and the rest of us can all be healthy as well! (:

Smell y'all later!

A Dream

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A dream that will need
all the love you can give,
Every day of your life
for as long as you live

I have made my choice. This is my dedication to the dream of mine, that 'will need all the love I can give'. No matter how hurtful it feels right now, not knowing the truth and having the doubt, I choose to believe.


I like visiting Tumblr. It contains quite amazing stuffs. These two are one of them:

FIRST, Etiquette for a Gentleman

and, SECOND, Etiquette for A Lady

Think Good Thoughts #2

I really need to post this to stop the bad in me from feeding.


So I'll quiet down the devil,
I'm gonna knock him with a shovel,
And I'll burry all my troubles underneath the rubble

When I'm alone in my dark dark room,
I have to tell myself to,

Think good thoughts,
Think good thoughts,
Imagine what the world would be if we would just,
Think good thoughts,
Stop the bad from feeding,

I won't let the negativity turn me into my enemy,
Promise to myself that I won't let it get the best of me,
That's how I want to be
Na, na, na, na

And when I start feeling blue,
I remember to tell myself to,

Think good thoughts,
Think good thoughts,
Imagine what the world would be if we would just,
Think good thoughts,
Stop the bad from feeding

Well, I myself have my own method of 'good thoughts'. I call it 'happy thoughts'. hhas When I am feeling blue, I will try to think of the things that make me happy. Let's list them!

Xmas, clear blue sky, funny-shaped clouds, snow dome, fireworks, stars twinkling in the night sky, soap bubbles, hot shower, good books, children in kindergarten, fireplace, looking at home decors, feeling soft breeze on my face, the atmosphere of holidays (you know, when the weather feels cold, and the the air fills your lungs, freshens them), wood cottage up on the hills, running on the beach, smelling flowers, wandering around by myself pretending that I am in an adventure, fluffy puppy snuggling in my lap, looking eyes to eyes with an elephant...

Huff. I feel so much better now (: I still have that fear curling down in my heart, but for now, I feel better.

I Hurt, I Write

When there are things that bug my mind, I write. I can't help it, it eases my feeling. Whether I write it in my cellphone, or in my laptop's Word, or here, in blog.

However, I am very scared now. Scared of something that I can't tell here (although I have 22-pages text draft in my cellphone). Do you ever feel such fear? That gut-wrenching feeling, your heart sinks, your stomach hurts.

I am afraid of hurting. For the last several months, I have managed to get rid of that fear. I have managed to remove all my safety net. I began to open my heart completely, smoldering down the walls I have built for years. I made my choice and threw away all the fear.

Now that fear is catching up with me. Mocking all the dreams I have faith in. Making me wonder, have I been silly and way too naive? I promised myself I won't give away all my heart so that I won't get hurt. But things are different. I am willing to give away all my heart knowingly that I might get hurt. But the latest event got me scared.

I am so scared that my whole body becomes so cold, I have goosebumps, I have tears streaming down my face, and I have that old gut-wrenching feeling back. These are the things that put me on a downward spiral, turn my 'self-destructive mode' on. I can't eat, I can't sleep.

You might call me a 'drama queen'. Maybe I am? But you'll never know what I am going through all my life. I have been hurting every now and then, that I am so scared of getting hurt even more. And the reason of me being almost irrationally afraid is because I have set my dreams too high. You see, I have always been a dreamy girl. I have big dreams, and even worse, I have faith in it. So if that dream shall fall down, I'll be down and crushed with it.

Now I don't know what to do, I really don't. I think I just need my bestfriend Amanda to sit with me and let me cry on her shoulder, but I know that she's having the biggest exam of her life so far, and I don't want to bug her with this silly fear. I need my boyfriend to sit beside me, hug me and tell me everything is gonna be fine, that he loves me, that this is nothing. But I too don't want to bother him with this.

So, basically, now I can only sit with myself, strengthening myself. Hopefully it will be enough.

And I am terribly sorry I give you a somewhat negative post right now. I hope it doesn't affect you. And I really hope you have a great day (:

Radio Family

Monday, November 14, 2011
Welcome to the radio family, Batch 10! :D

Last weekend, the freshmen of my campus' radio were welcomed into our big family in an overnight event in Lembang, Bandung. We had a lot of fun! And were sleep-deprived for we didn't sleep until 08:00 in the morning! :p)

Furthermore, in the Producer division (my division, where I am the chief! :p), we now have two additional members from Batch 10: Ochan and Phalita. We are so excited to start working together. I feel like a proud mama! (x

Pictures, will be coming up in the next few days. (;

Warm Xmas Decoration

Look at these Xmas decorated living rooms! They give you warm feeling, no? :D

wedding service dress

This is the dress that I would love to wear for my wedding service at church:

I love the way the bottom part flows, but I would alter the top part: I personally prefer more lace and less crease. :D anyway, I reaaally love the flowing bottom part aaaaa (x (btw the color would be whiter, the sephia color is only due to the vintage effect of the picture)

And this would be the bouquet I take to the church:

aaaaa looking at these stuffs make me happy (x


Friday, November 11, 2011
Guys don't have to do this all the time, but when they do, especially at the right time, it means a lot:

1. Saying "I love her" in front of his friends.

2. Saying "Oh, sorry, I already have a date with my girlfriend, she's going outta town tomorrow. I wanna spend some time with her." when his friends ask him to abandon his girlfriend and go out with them instead.

Hello There!


nyuuuuuuu dear fluffy puppy, I'm gonna give you hundreds of shoes if you would come to my house and make me your mommy! :p

Getting Married

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Did you know that I'm obsessed with weddings?? hhas Well, if not, I'm gonna tell you now: I am obsessed with them! hhas ever since I was a little kid. Well, what else can I do, growing up with Disney princess movies and barbies? hhas :p

I have always dreamed of a classical white-ivory-gold themed wedding, with small yellow christmas lights and white flowers with a shade of lavenders dangling from the high ceiling. I don't want the old, stuffy wedding where people only shake hands and eat and go home. I want a wedding where people can all have a good time together, where friends and family meet (and perhaps, there would be new loves blooming there at my wedding! :p), and I as the bride and my future husband as the groom can have something good to remember! Not just standing at the podium, having sore feet from wearing heels, blah blah blah. hhas I want it to be the night worth remembering, because it is filled with love and so much joy (x hhas aaaaa okay I become over excited myself. HAHA

anyway, here are some pics of weddings (not mine, of course) that I really love to look at:

I'll share more some other time! :D
Have you had any idea of your dream wedding?? You can share them if you want! (;
Toodley-o for now! :*

Lady Owl


This is an ultimate cuteness!
I want this kinda crochet hat for Xmas!
Wanna give me one????? *batting-eyelashes* ;D
I'll be forever grateful! (´⌣`ʃƪ)~♥

How Sweet is This?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011
via LoveQuotesRus

No, this is not from my boyfriend hhas
But he does do these kinds of sweet things to me. People always say that we can only value what we have after it's gone. I really hope that I don't do that. I really hope that I have cherished every single nice thing he has ever done to me, appreciated it, and let him know how much I appreciated it. I hope he knows how thankful I am to have him in my days, especially when I feel like the world is coming to an end.

And not just him.
I hope I have cherished and appreciated enough all the nice things, no matter how simple they are, people have done to me. I really hope I don't value what I have only when they're gone. I really hope I have told them I appreciated it. I really hope they know how much I appreciate them.

Because I do.
Thanks, thanks, thanks... for everything (':


via creatingaquietmind.

O-MY-GAWD! awwww, cuteness overload!
look at those eyes! come and rest on my lap, you fluffy puppy!

Sandwiched Free Time #2

Hello again! This is sandwiched free time part 02 :p after group working and before class, waiting for lunch to be served.

okay, where did I leave you... ah! the national meeting for IR Students, where I was assigned to do the Diskusi Ilmiah, or Scientific Discussion. Meaning, my teammate (Elisa) and I had to conduct a literature research, make a paper, and we would also have to present our research in the meeting by the end of this month! (; Yesterday was our first trial. Elisa and I had to present our research to the lecturers and the IR students in my campus. It was an public presentation / open discussion, so everyone was free to ask us any question and 'judge' us! And thankfully, we managed to do that quite well! hhas (x I'm soooo thankful and relieved! Yaaay! Our only homework is to manage the time better because we were supposed to present it in 15 mins, yet we reached 25 mins yesterday. But don't worry, you can rest assured that we WILL be working on it! (; Wish us luck, will you?

And now, before I get back to class (hopefully the lecturer won't give us any sudden quiz), I just wanna share a few holiday-season-themed pics. I'm just feeling like it so much nowadays! :p

Enjoy! And have a great Wednesday!

PS. Ooohhhh, I'm just having this URGE to decorate my dorm room with Christmas-themed decorations! I'm so frustrated I don't have any time to do it! щ(ºДºщ)

Sandwiched Free Time

Hello there, everyone!
How's your Wednesday so far?? :D

I'm blogging now from a spot in my campus, drinking a fresh strawberry juice. yum! hhas just this bit of free time is a luxury for me. I'm so excited that I finally managed to squeeze in blogging between classes, meetings, and group works! I have to hurry myself though, because when my group members come, there goes my free time :p

Anyway, I'd just like to post some updates about my life now. The first great news that I wanna share with you is.... I finally dance again! whoopee! :D I was appointed one of the two trainers for a group dance, but as to the details what dance it is and what for, I can't tell you yet! It's a secret, soo... ssssh! :p I'm just so happy I can dance again!

Another great story that I wanna tell you guys is... the public presentation went well! Well, silly me, you must be wondering what public presentation I am talking about right now. Well, as you might already know, I am one of the delegate members for the national IR students meeting. I happen to be in the Diskusi Ilmiah

... oopssss here come my group members. Toodles for now, I'll be back!


Monday, November 7, 2011
I hope I'm not making you bored by saying this over and over again: but I love vintage-themed and classical-themed things. :p

However, it is related to what I'm gonna post today; because I now proudly present you..... (drum roll, please)
...my first post ever for the 'Decorations' feature! Hooraaaay! :D

In today's post, I'm gonna post about 'accents'. They are the things that accentuate your house/dorm/room, give your own flair to it, and make it unique! (;

As I prefer vintage and/or classical themed things, here are some accents that I would use in my future house:
baskets, wooden board with quotes, and look at that cute white thing beside the board!

vintage and floral pattern

You might also notice beside the accents that the color that I will most likely use are creme, ivory, light pink, and with a touch of brown and maroon... Yeah, until now, they are my fave ones for decoration color palettes, as they give a bright and clean atmosphere, but also comforting. (;

Do you like them as much as I do?
Hhas I do hope that this might inspire you if you're planning to redecorate or accentuate your house/dorm/room. (; And if you have any other accent that you love, feel free to share them in the comments! Leave your url so that I can visit your blog and see the pictures (;

Toodles for now!

Image Source: Pinterest.com

Abroad in February? Hopefully!

I am sooo thrilled!
I haven't got the time to share this, and I didn't want to share this too early (in case things go awry or in case sharing jinx it), but... my NTU MUN application has been approved! (x

So, last month some of my friends and I made a team from our university to join NTU MUN (Nanyang Technological University Model United Nations). There were ten of us. And each of us had to apply to the NTU MUN committee in order to be chosen to join NTU MUN. If all of us make it, then the whole team goes to Singapore in February 2012. Last week, the announcement came out. Too bad, only the five of us made it: Marcella, Indy, Julian, Made, and me. The others are still in the waiting list, but they may be chosen in December if there are still vacancies. So, fingers-crossed, hopefully the rest of them can be chosen in December, so that our team as a whole can go to Singapore TOGETHER next February!

For now, I can only be thankful for my application has been approved. Hopefully all goes well. Fingers crossed. (:

The email from the NTU MUN Committee:

Please pray for my friends with me so that they can join the NTU MUN too, will you?
Thanks a million! :*


Sunday, November 6, 2011
Remember my last post about Zooey Deschanel?

Yeah, as I said, I loved her and was waiting for her newest TV series, New Girl, to be aired on Star World hhas and.... (drum roll please) last nite, it was aired! Whoopeee! (x

I watched it with Kecoakman, and though it was short (only 30mins), we had a hearty portion of good laughs :p It was very funny! She was very funny! hhas I love her awkwardness and I can totally relate to her character, Jess. We both love to sing to ourselves, act silly, and more. hhas

Soo, I'm gonna share a lil bit of the story line here with you. :D

Jess is an awkward girl. She doesn't really know how to be a 'hot girl' or anything, although she is friends with Cece, a model. One day, she went home early to surprise her boyfriend. It was the first time she was planning to do something kinky to surprise her boyfriend: she went home naked, wearing only a trench coat; and when she got home and met her boyfriend, she took of her coat, did some kind of an awkward dance with a pillow and a little bit of singing (it's Jess' own original song), only to find... her boyfriend was having an affair with another girl at that very moment. Yeah, his affair walked into the room at the last minute and saw Jess naked. The rest of the story is rather clear: they broke up, and Jess ended up with having to find a new apartment. Only... she didn't know that she was going to share an apartment with three men. hhas the first episode told how Jess and the three men finally ended up being friends. The guys agreed to help Jess to 'rebound' from her broken heart. And although the 'rebound' ended up breaking up her heart again (a called-off date), the three men remained loyal companions to Jess.

Sooo, yeah I am obsessed with this series! :p
I really can't wait for the next episode next Saturday (x You really should watch it, you'll fall off your chair! (;
Jess/Zooey is so ADORKABLE!

New Girl Theme Song

Which One is Darker?

via 1000notes:

Which gray box is darker?
Maybe you think that it’s the top one, but you’re wrong. They have the same color. Try covering the line between them. You’ll see.

I bet your finger is on the monitor right now! :p
A fun TV show from National Geographic, Test Your Brain. (; I got pretty amazing and interesting stuffs from here hhas

Shark Attack!

via Penelope the Pembroke

AW CUTE! I miss my dogs ):

Can You Feel It?

Can you feel it, honey? Xmas is approaching! Whoopeeee! :D

There's just something with holiday season atmosphere, no? Even when it's terribly cold all day it makes you feel warm and happy all the time. You can sense joy swimming in the air and you feel like you can hear sleigh bells ringing in the air all the time (and I live in a country with no winter season, hence impossible for sleighing!) :p I personally always relate end of the year with holiday season, with Christmas, with family and friends and lover, when you're just happy for no reason at all! :D

PLUS, Bandung is sooo cold lately. It's been raining all day long for several days now. It makes the atmosphere of holiday season even more pronounced. It makes me all happy and excited and kinda lazy to some extent. hhas I just wanna stay at dorm, reading a good book, watching a ridiculously funny comedy movies while snuggling with Kecoakman under the blanket, and drinking chocolate milk all the time! While there are LOTS and LOTS of works to do. *sigh* hhas doesn't really matter tho. The thoughts of holiday season just makes me more determined to finish all that strong!

And this thought brings me to my soul sister, Amanda. She's having a big, big final exam this week starting tomorrow. And I really wish I could be there to support her and assure her that everything's gonna be all right. That nothing she had done would be in vain. That she can give her best and get the best too. I may not be there with you in person, but I'm there with you in spirit. Go out there and kick them ass, Amanda! Let it be heard, that you may have had hard times here and there, but you will never ever go down without fight! You will rise and make it! SE-MA-NGAT! It will all be over in no time, and you will feel relieved. (: You will come home and I'll be able to give you the present I told you, and we will get to spend quality times together! (:

Now, before I finish here, enjoy this, people: an early holiday 'treat' for all of you (:
holiday season
holiday season
holiday season
holiday season
to cheer your days up, to boost your spirit,
to remind you to hold on just a little bit longer.
For you who are having a bad time, it will all be over soon.
Good days will come. Or yet, maybe even better, they're already here. (:
Cheer up and give me a big smile!

PS. I might come back and bring more pictures with holiday season atmosphere (x I might even post my own holiday season pictures, or at least those originally from Indonesia! :D