Getting Married

Thursday, November 10, 2011
Did you know that I'm obsessed with weddings?? hhas Well, if not, I'm gonna tell you now: I am obsessed with them! hhas ever since I was a little kid. Well, what else can I do, growing up with Disney princess movies and barbies? hhas :p

I have always dreamed of a classical white-ivory-gold themed wedding, with small yellow christmas lights and white flowers with a shade of lavenders dangling from the high ceiling. I don't want the old, stuffy wedding where people only shake hands and eat and go home. I want a wedding where people can all have a good time together, where friends and family meet (and perhaps, there would be new loves blooming there at my wedding! :p), and I as the bride and my future husband as the groom can have something good to remember! Not just standing at the podium, having sore feet from wearing heels, blah blah blah. hhas I want it to be the night worth remembering, because it is filled with love and so much joy (x hhas aaaaa okay I become over excited myself. HAHA

anyway, here are some pics of weddings (not mine, of course) that I really love to look at:

I'll share more some other time! :D
Have you had any idea of your dream wedding?? You can share them if you want! (;
Toodley-o for now! :*


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