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Sunday, November 27, 2011
Hello there, everyone! :D Been too long since the last time I wrote here, no? And although I left you with somewhat negative post before, I am happy to announce that I'm back with good stories! Yaaaay! :D

The reason I was missing for the past week is that.. I was in the Pertemuan Nasional Mahasiswa HI se-Indonesia (PNMHII), or National Meeting of the Indonesian IR Students with the delegate from my university (consisting of 10 persons in total), where I was assigned the Diskusi Ilmiah or Scientific Discussion :D The national meeting was held from Nov 19th to Nov 24th, with my university as the host for this year, consisting of a series of activities. On Saturday, the welcoming party. On Sunday, the final round of Diskusi Ilmiah for me and my partner, Elisa! :D On Monday, the Short Diplomatic Course (some sorta MUN in the Asia-Africa Conference Building) for Dimas, Olga and Yani where they act as the delegate of India. On Tuesday, national seminar and workshops. On Wednesday, the city tour and closing party. On Thursday, going home. :D And every night from Sunday to Tuesday, were Joint Statement Forum (JSF) for Vinsen, Kyana, Marcella and Sidang Forum (SF) for Inggrid, Tazia and Yani.

SO. Sunday, Nov 20th 2011 (20-11-2011 -- special date for major day! :p). A big day for me and Elisa. We were finally about to present our hard work. Aaaanddd THANK GOD we managed to do it well. We managed to present the paper without major errors, we managed to answer every question, and we managed to get fantastic reviews from people (x it was so exciting! I felt that we had given all the best we could. So, matter of winning or losing didn't matter that much anymore to me at that time. Especially since the other finalists also did such very good jobs :D

Anyway, since after the presentation I had nothing left to do, I was assigned as the observer for JSF and SF. Being an observer means that I had to watch carefully as the forum proceeded, and gave my opinion/critics/suggestions/evaluation to the JSF and SF crew based on my observation. Being an observer, as well as a delegate for JSF and SF, means three hours or less of sleep every night. So basically, we were all walking zombies due to lack of sleep. Albeit the zombieness, we still had so much crazy fun! The delegate of my university bonded very well. It felt so good to have a number of new good friends (x

full team! :D

the Diskusi Ilmiah team! :D me and elisa

Short Diplomatic Course, with other delegate from other uni

Bandung City Tour

Then, came the Closing Party where the committee will announce the winners of Diskusi Ilmiah, and the Best Delegate and Best Spokesperson of Short Diplomatic Course.
Aaaaanddd.... TA-DAA! Olga, Dimas and Yani won the Best Delegate award from the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You go, U**** (sorry, but I gotta censor the name of my uni)! :D

But the night was still long. It was still loooong way to go to the announcement for the winner for Diskusi Ilmiah. Elisa was soo nervous, she asked me to rub her arms endlessly hhas we were both very nervous. And then it was time for the announcement. The judge announced the third winner... the runner-up... andddd.... IT'S US! THE FIRST WINNER! OMYGOD! (x aaaaaaaaaaa we went speechless for God only knows how long. All we knew was that there were suddenly arms around us, hugging us, congratulating us. (x I got teary-eyed all of a sudden. And we were summoned to the stage, the head of the committee handed us the Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs trophy. It was big and weighed a lot, with a globe on top. (x it was beyond amazing.. This will be something I'll never forget :'D thanks everyoneeee for the support and the prayers. You guys are awesome! And last but not least, congratulations for my university, both as the host and for having all the trophies back this year (x Long live U****!

PS. one of our teammates, Vinsen, is now laying on the hospital suffering from Hepatitis A. Please pray for him so that he can get well really soon, and the rest of us can all be healthy as well! (:

Smell y'all later!


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