Abroad in February? Hopefully!

Monday, November 7, 2011
I am sooo thrilled!
I haven't got the time to share this, and I didn't want to share this too early (in case things go awry or in case sharing jinx it), but... my NTU MUN application has been approved! (x

So, last month some of my friends and I made a team from our university to join NTU MUN (Nanyang Technological University Model United Nations). There were ten of us. And each of us had to apply to the NTU MUN committee in order to be chosen to join NTU MUN. If all of us make it, then the whole team goes to Singapore in February 2012. Last week, the announcement came out. Too bad, only the five of us made it: Marcella, Indy, Julian, Made, and me. The others are still in the waiting list, but they may be chosen in December if there are still vacancies. So, fingers-crossed, hopefully the rest of them can be chosen in December, so that our team as a whole can go to Singapore TOGETHER next February!

For now, I can only be thankful for my application has been approved. Hopefully all goes well. Fingers crossed. (:

The email from the NTU MUN Committee:

Please pray for my friends with me so that they can join the NTU MUN too, will you?
Thanks a million! :*


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