Sunday, November 6, 2011
Remember my last post about Zooey Deschanel?

Yeah, as I said, I loved her and was waiting for her newest TV series, New Girl, to be aired on Star World hhas and.... (drum roll please) last nite, it was aired! Whoopeee! (x

I watched it with Kecoakman, and though it was short (only 30mins), we had a hearty portion of good laughs :p It was very funny! She was very funny! hhas I love her awkwardness and I can totally relate to her character, Jess. We both love to sing to ourselves, act silly, and more. hhas

Soo, I'm gonna share a lil bit of the story line here with you. :D

Jess is an awkward girl. She doesn't really know how to be a 'hot girl' or anything, although she is friends with Cece, a model. One day, she went home early to surprise her boyfriend. It was the first time she was planning to do something kinky to surprise her boyfriend: she went home naked, wearing only a trench coat; and when she got home and met her boyfriend, she took of her coat, did some kind of an awkward dance with a pillow and a little bit of singing (it's Jess' own original song), only to find... her boyfriend was having an affair with another girl at that very moment. Yeah, his affair walked into the room at the last minute and saw Jess naked. The rest of the story is rather clear: they broke up, and Jess ended up with having to find a new apartment. Only... she didn't know that she was going to share an apartment with three men. hhas the first episode told how Jess and the three men finally ended up being friends. The guys agreed to help Jess to 'rebound' from her broken heart. And although the 'rebound' ended up breaking up her heart again (a called-off date), the three men remained loyal companions to Jess.

Sooo, yeah I am obsessed with this series! :p
I really can't wait for the next episode next Saturday (x You really should watch it, you'll fall off your chair! (;
Jess/Zooey is so ADORKABLE!

New Girl Theme Song


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