Current Fashion Obsession

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Hello there, people! :D How's your life going these days? Well, great, I hope! Cos it hasn't been very smooth to me! :p hhas

Anyway anyhoo, I'm now going to share my current fashion obsession. I would reaaally, really love to have these items for my birthday (omygod, only three days left before I leave ages '1-something'!) :D They are....

Lace Shorts!

The last one is from Topshop, but I don't know about the first two *le sigh* They're just beautiful, aren't they?

Also, my friend Lydia just introduced me to this pretty online shop, called Mayonette, which sells quite a number of gorgeous stuffs! :D Two favorites of mine so far are:

Peony Backpack Brown, as found here.

Milana Flats in Pink, as found here.

Very pretty, right? Love them all as much as I do? Or do you have any other preference? Feel free to share 'em with me! :D


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