Vintage Hangings

Monday, January 30, 2012
Hello there everyone! Welcoming Monday? Well I hope you don't hate Monday. Cos Monday is really a good day to start the week and be productive! :D It happens to be one of the busiest day of my week, but I still kinda like it :p

ANYWAY. Time for a quick post before I go chop chop with all my works.

I've been meaning to hang some vintage drawings on my dorm room to spice things up. However, I'm still looking around for the best pictures (or pictures that suit me best, to be precise) on the web possible. I've found some but still searchin'. And just recently, I stumbled upon one that I really like! :D I'm sooo gonna print this one!

via: Cole Ads on Tumblr

Toodles for now! :D And I do hope that you have a blast on this Monday! Or, well, just a productive day, that is. :p Have some fun!


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