Officially 20

Monday, February 6, 2012
Hello there, everyone! :D How's life?
For me, it's been four days that I am officially twenty, woohoo!

My 20th birthday I think had to be one of the best birthdays I've ever had. So many surprises, happiness, love, even birthday presents from so many people (x

First, there are six pictures sent to me, loaded with love and greetings. They've made me so happy, even if they are virtual gifts! (x Here they are:
from my Happy Tree Friends circle of friends here in Bandung

from my girl, Jhe Ow

from my girl, Monik

from my girl, Chinchin

from my soul sister, Amanda

They're so sweet, aren't they??? (x So, thankssss again to all of you for going into such troubles making me such cute gifts as these pics (x

I'll post further about the story of my 20th birthday. However, we'll have to wait until the pictures are all complete! :D I hope it won't be too late to post 'em then! :p

Anyway, I'll be flying over to Singapore just in a few days to attend NTUMUN like I said before here. Sooo, basically, you'll get two MAJOR stories from me when I see you again: the story of my birthday AND the story of my 'adventure' in Singapore! (x Can't wait!

Until then, toodles! Have a great life! :D


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