A Glimpse of My Xmas #2

Friday, December 30, 2011
Hello again, folks! :D Whoaaa it's getting closer to the end of 2011, eh??
Well, before it ends, I wanna share the last glimpse of my Christmas season this year! :D

The series of my Xmas activities continued onto Dec 26.

Kecoakman (my boyfriend, also known as Yoseph) and I spent this day together as our private Christmas celebration. We took a bus to Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta, for this mall always had extraordinary Christmas decoration every year. And it was true! The theme for this year was 'Christmas in the Land of Sweets'. So there were candy canes, and other cute and sweet stuffs everywhere! For full cover of this, keep visiting Marsha-Go-Round! :D I will post pretty pics of Mall Taman Anggrek later. (;
Anyway, we went around the mall together happily. He never took his arms off around me and it made me feel so safe, warm, happy and loved (x You must know that kinda feeling... *blushhhhh* hhas Okay, moving on! Well, we didn't ice skate this time. But we watched Mission Impossible IV. The movie was great! The soundtrack kept 'haunting' me for a couple of days, making me feel like I was in some kind of secret mission every time :p
Well, in short, we did have so much fun this day. Yes it went a little rough near the end, but we ended the day perfectly beautiful :D So, thankssss for everything, my Kecoakman! Sorry if I was such a cry-baby... HAHA

And last on my Christmas activities, gathering with my girls on Dec 29.

So there we were: me, Maya, Caesa and Chinthia. There was supposed to be Monik as well in the picture, but unfortunately she was taking the pic. -.-" And the other pics with the complete package of the five of us haven't been uploaded till now. hhas but no worries, when I've had more pics, I'll keep you posted! (;
Anyway, despite me not feeling very well (masuk angin grawr!), we finally had a quality time together and it was soooo... well, I don't know, great! (x I felt really happy and warm with them. We shared stories (including ghost stories by Monik!), laughters, and even a lil tears as Caesa got carried away with her feeling. :'D But like Caesa said, 'There's nothing like a friend's hug.' We spent hours, just talking! And having fun with Monik's new SLR. I had some pretty good time too taking pics with that new camera :p
And that day... was great. :'D I love you, girlsssss.

Sooo... that basically concluded my Christmas activities this year :D
But, before I end my story, I would love to share some of the gifts that I gave and got this Christmas! :D

This year, I gave...
1. My mom: Christmas decoration!

My mom, just like me, really looooves Christmas decoration. So I gave her these cute snowman tree hangings from Sogo Dept. Store! There are six of them, but I only captured one of them :D

2. Kecoakman: Polosky laptop bag!

He had been looking for a laptop bag and never really got one. So, I think I'd surprise him and get him one! I am so glad that he likes it (x PS. this is not the picture of the bag I gave him. I forgot to take picture of it, so I use one that I think kinda resembles the thing. But not very close! It is hard to find the right pic grawr! щ(ºДºщ)

3. Kecoakman's family: a medium box of Van Houten chocolates & candle+chandelier
no picture, sorry ):

I just wanna say something about the chandelier. The chandelier was very special! I bought it in Mt. Tangkuban Perahu last month. The chandelier had special pattern like batik on it, and I originally thought it was carved onto it. BUT IT WAS NOT! The pattern came originally from the bark of the trees called batik sukun. Only found in Indonesia! (x Amazing...

4. Caesa: a photo frame, with picture of us and some other friends!

But no picture of the frame, sorry )': It is just simple, classy black though :D

And, this year, I got from...
1. My mom: knitted sweater!

NEEDLESS TO SAY THAT I WAS VERY EXCITED TO RECEIVE THAT! Awwww big big BIG thanks to you, Mommyyyyy :* And thank God you didn't have to spend too much money on that one! Hoorraay for discount! :p

2. Kecoakman: knitted hat! and from his sister, Ci Lia: Mickey-Minnie broach!

Can you see the hat and the broach perfectly? SO CUTEEEE, ME LOVE! (x Tons of thanks to you, Kecoakman :* And tons of thanks to you too, Ci Lia! *hugsss*

3. Caesa: Buble and Glee Christmas CDs

OMYGOD OMYGOD OMYGOD something from the Christmas wishlist! My other friends said that the CDs had been sold out everywhere. You did magic, Ces, to find these! THANKSSSS! :'D

But most of all,
the greatest Christmas gift I got this year is the presence of HIM, and surely, the presence of my beloved ones: family, friends, lover... even my dogs! :D I am forever grateful for this blessing.. I pray that His blessings may always be poured unto us all, and that we can all always be grateful for that. :'D

I love you all! :*


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