My Xmas Wishlist

Saturday, December 10, 2011
Hiiyaa there, everyone! :D
I've been meaning to post this xmas wishlist for quite some times, and now... I finally managed to finish it! :D I know that Xmas is not just about gifts or presents. But nonetheless, I love Xmas shopping and opening up presents! hhas Sure I don't usually get every single thing on my wishlist. But, it's still fun to make them and daydream if Santa would come in the middle of the night, putting those things underneath my Xmas tree (x

So, here goes my Xmas Wishlist for 2011!

1. Xmas CDs

There are two Xmas albums that I would reaaally love to have underneath my Xmas tree. They are "Christmas" from Michael Buble (it's Xmas in my ears! - his voice sounds so silky and smooth, a great way to bring an old-fashioned Xmas to your home) and "Glee Christmas Album volume 2" from the Glee Casts (they really do know how to cheer things up!).
Some beautiful tracks that you can expect from Buble's "Christmas" includes 'It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas', 'Jingle Bells', 'Santa Baby', 'Silent Night', and 'Feliz Navidad'. He also does some duets in this album, for example with Shania Twain in 'White Christmas' and Thalia in 'Feliz Navidad'.
On the other hand, from Glee's "Christmas Album volume 2", you can expect 'All I Want for Christmas is You' by Amber Riley (Mercedes), 'Let It Snow' by the cute couple Criss (Blaine) and Colfer (Kurt), and even... 'Blue Christmas' from the newbie, Damian McGinty!
SOOOO, basically I will be sooooo excited to have them two! (x

2. Xmas Plush

As childish as it may sound, I am still excited to receive plush, toys, dolls and alikes for a gift. And sooo, although I have already had one or two Xmas-themed plush, I would still be glad to have some more! I mean, look at those cute plush! They all look so fluffy! Me want!

3. Xmas Sweater

As you might already know, I reaaally love anything knitted, including knitted sweaters. And believe it or not, it includes those of Xmas-themed ones! They may look goofy or tacky, but I still love them (x They look so warm and just remind me a lot of Xmas. They cheer me up even just to look at them! hhas I currently have NONE in my closet, so it would basically light up my day to get one on this Xmas day. And I am so thankful that I currently live in Bandung, a city in Indonesia which is actually cold enough and rains often enough to wear sweaters! :D
PS. I wouldn't say no to any knitted sweater beside Xmas-themed sweaters, though! hhas it might even be better to get one each! :p

4. Xmas Decors

As the result of the NY Times Personality Test from the other day said, I just love putting personal touches to my space. So, I would really be glad to get some Xmas decorations to add to my dorm room! I've already bought two Xmas plush hangings last week, Rudolph and Santa. Anyway, it would cheer up my day if I can get a Xmas wreath and/or a mini wooden Xmas tree to put in my dorm room (x

5. Quilt Blankets

Another obsession of mine: blankets, especially those made out of quilts. However, handmade-vintage quilt blankets are usually quite expensive, and therefore I am quite positive that I would receive none for this Xmas. But anyway, it's still nice to imagine getting one of those lovely blankets, don't you think? (x

6. Books

Yep. A geek I am. I would also love to get some books this Xmas. One of the top list book priorities is the last book from Inheritance series by Christopher Paolini, "Inheritance". Gosh, it would make my day if I have a hard-covered English-version of "Inheritance" under my tree. I hope my savings would be enough to buy this one! (x And if not, well maybe I could look up for the electronic one *heart-breaks*

So, that's all (for now) for my Xmas Wishlist this year! :D

Ooh, btw, when I was writing the fifth section, a little kitty walked into my room, shaking from cold (yeah it's been raining all day today here in Bandung). But, as it got startled of my voice (I was honestly surprised to see a small creature unknowingly coming into my room and so I kinda shrieked), it ran out again. I went after it to make sure it's all right, maybe give it an old towel or anything to make it warmer, but it just got scared even more and ran into the pouring rain T_____T so I backed off, worried that it might be afraid to find shelter again. So, anywhere you are now, little kitty, I hope you've already found a dry place to take cover )': I am terribly sorry!!!!!


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