Sunday, December 11, 2011
Hello again, folks! Happy Sunday! :D
I'll be continuing having my final exams again starting tomorrow, but lemme just post something real quick here. :p

Today, let's talk about trademarks!

A trademark, trade mark, or trade-mark is a distinctive sign or indicator used by an individual, business organization, or other legal entity to identify that the products or services to consumers with which the trademark appears originate from a unique source, and to distinguish its products or services from those of other entities.

And, I believe that everyone has their own 'trademarks'. :D Including me! I am glad that I have something distinctive to identify me different from the others. But, it doesn't always bring positive outcome. Sometimes, having people already associated us with those particular things can be pretty annoying too. Of course, it all depends on how we react upon it too. And now, I would like to share my 'trademarks' with you guys. :D

1. GPA 4.0

Well, in campus, I am known as the girl with 'GPA 4.0', or 'Anak / Cewek IP 4.0' in Bahasa. Of course, this is a good thing so I should not be embarrassed about it. And no, I am not embarrassed about it. I am actually really grateful to have this kinda trademark. But, to be honest, it can also be annoying to have people calling you 'Anak / Cewek IP 4.0' all the time, especially if they shout it to call me from afar or announce it to about everyone else. It makes the situation really awkward, you see. Because I don't really wanna brag about it, and it can sometimes be annoying to have people - in about the most random moments - come to me and test me, 'Okay, smart girl, mention the presidents of the United States in chronological order' or 'Okay, IP 4.0, mention the member states of ASEAN in chronological order of them joining ASEAN'. Okaaaay...? hhas
Of course it feels good to have people sincerely congratulate or admire you for your achievement. But, mind you, I am NOT that smart. hhas I am not a smurfin' 'Walking Google'. I may know some things and not know the others, just like other people too. I love discussing about things, especially those of IR fields or philosophy, but it doesn't necessarily mean I'm such a know-it-all. It often happens to me where in an assigned group discussion, when I speak out my opinion and ask for others', they would only laugh and say, "Ah, you must be right lah, just write it down as our answer, in Acha we trust!". But, I would really love to hear your opinions as well! And I'm not always right, too. hhas
And also, when other groups do presentation in front of the class, they would tend not to pick me in Question&Answer session for asking questions - because they said they were afraid that my questions would be too hard to answer (come on, I don't ask questions to knock you down, and not all my questions are 'high quality questions', you've got to believe me on this one! hhas)
So yeah, this is basically when having trademark 'GPA 4.0' can be annoying at some times. (: I may just smile most of the times you do the things above to me, I may try to keep pushing you to give me your opinions as well. Just for your information, I often do not know how to react when those things happen to me. So, please do me a favor and help me out by knowing when to joke about it and when not to! :p
But I am not ungrateful. In fact, I am really grateful that I can keep it up until now, and I really hope that I can still keep it up for this one and the upcoming semesters. Just bear in mind that I am also a normal human like others; I might have my mistakes and not know some things too! (;

2. Pearl Headband(s)

Another thing which is my trademark is... the pearl headband (or bando mutiara, in Bahasa)! :D well, I must admit that pearl is one of my obsessions. I really love them, including as my headband. I wear them almost everywhere, with almost every outfit. hhas So yeah, basically if you go to my major here in my uni and ask around, 'Do you know Acha?' (Acha is my nickname other than Marsha), the standard respond that you would get is, 'Acha IP 4.0? Acha bando mutiara, right?'. Hhas
There is even this joke around IR students (especially in my batch) that these pearl headbands of mine are the source of my 'power' (to get GPA 4.0). So if you rip the thing off my head, I would be an imbecile by instant. HAHA (this one is funny, I have to admit, - except if it has been rubbed on my face too many times in too little time span). So yeah, I'm the girl with bando mutiara! :p although I might also wear floral headbands (another obsession of mine beside pearls) - when I usually get major responds such as, 'Tumben gak pake bando mutiara!' from people. :p

3. Sari Roti Mocca

The third trademark of mine is... Sari Roti Mocca! I almost always have one for breakfast. And therefore, I am also known as the girl who eats Sari Roti Mocca every morning! :p

4. Hhas

And the last trademark of mine is... the way I write my laughter in electronic medias. If you notice, I always write 'hhas' as a mode of laughter, be it on text messages or online. I don't know why, it just feels good and fitting to me! hhas Just for your information, 'hhas' means 'hha' with 's', so plural 'Hha' --> 'Hhas'. Get it?? :p


Alyssa Bernal - Winter Wonderland Jason Mraz Version Cover

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about my trademarks. It would be nice if I know yours too! Feel free to post them in comments, or give me a link of your blog post talking about your trademarks (;

In the meantime, cheerios and toodley-o for now!
Wish me luck on my exams, and good luck right back at 'cha! (;


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