Vintage Wedding Dress

Monday, December 12, 2011
PS. Do listen, it goes with the mood of the post! (;

Angus & Julia Stone - The Wedding Song

I am pretty much obsessed with vintage wedding dresses, especially the lace gowns kind. I particularly think that they will be PERFECT for wedding service at church. It goes with the sacred feeling you get from church, the... I don't know how to describe it. Just... that feeling you get when you attend a wedding service in a church, especially in a big old cathedral. I don't expect a big ceremony at church. Just a small one, with my family and closest friends. So, I don't think I would need a dress so grand like what I would more likely wear in the wedding reception.
These two following dresses are the ones that I love the most from my collection so far. And up till now, the chance is very big that I would wear something like these two to my wedding service. (': I like the second one better than the first; I like the fact that it would highlight my most favorite parts of my body: my shoulders and collar bones.

They're all gorgeous, aren't they?? :D

I am indeed a nineteen-going-on-twenty year old girl with lifelong passion and love for all things wedding, true love and happily ever after.


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