A Glimpse of My Xmas #1

Thursday, December 29, 2011
Hello there, everyone! :D
As I promised, I will share with you glimpses of my Xmas season this year. (;

The series of Xmas activities of mine began with a Christmas revival service (Kebaktian Kebangunan Rohani / KKR) of Stephen Tong on Dec 22nd.

I myself am a Catholic, but my boyfriend Yoseph and his family are part of Reformed church, founded by Reverend Stephen Tong, called Gereja Reformed Injili Indonesia. His parents asked me to come along with their family to a Christmas revival service in the Gelora Bung Karno Senayan. Ci Denise, the girlfriend of Yoseph's older brother also came along. Unfortunately, Ko Sugiri, the boyfriend of Yoseph's eldest sister couldn't come along.
Well, we went together to Senayan on Yoseph's family's car. I was so happy to be able to join the family on this religious event. The venue was grand and packed with sea of people. The choir was phenomenal, they sang a number of great worship and Christmas songs, including Hallelujah by Handel. And, the sermon delivered by Reverend Tong was also touching. He said that our God is Love. He doesn't only love, but He is Love itself. That is why He sent His Beloved Son to come and save the world, which had gone astray and full of sins. He calls every sinner who is willing to repent. (': Thousands of candles were lit. It was veryyy beautiful to see.
After the service, we went to Gading Serpong to have dinner together. I was sooo full. The satays were great! I also had a big dose of laughter that night. It was a very unforgettable night indeed. (:

The series continued onto the Christmas Eve, Dec 24.

On this night, I attended the Christmas Mass in my own church. The theme is again about love, God's love, and how we can fill our lives with that love. How we can achieve the condition of 'Thy kingdom comes' on earth. The Christmas decoration and the choir were amazing. Some youths were appointed to wear costumes. Everyone had their own 'task', for instance bringing the charity boxes, or greeting people 'Happy Christmas' by the end of the mass. It was a very lovely mass indeed (': My friend, Devina, was one of the costumed youths!

And the last part for this glimpse, Dec 25.

On this very day of Christmas, my mommy and I went to my granny's for a Christmas lunch; a tradition that has been going on, like, forever in our family. hhas :p Spaghetti, meatballs, oxtail soup, cakes... and many other foods! hhas This is also a time for our family to gather, catch up with each other's news, and just basically share some love and warmth! :D
This day I got to meet my beloved cousin, Ben. He, Endi (my other cousin, currently in Stockholm) and I were very close back then as kids. Like three musketeers! :p and like our parents: Ben's mom, Endi's dad, my mom. I was so glad to finally meet Ben, and to see that he finally cut his hair! :p He looked so much more handsome with his hair properly cut HAHA *I sounded like Mrs Weasley, fussing over Bill's hair* :p

And that's all for the first glimpse of my Xmas season this year!
I'll be back with some more (;
Hope you had a very merry Christmas yourself! Toodley-o! :*


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