Charity and a Dance

Friday, December 9, 2011
Hello there, everyone! :D
I've been missing again, haven't I? Well, I'm terribly sorry. I've been DYING to post something here, but I'm having my final exams these weeks. So... you know. hhas

Anyway, this weekend, I'll take the opportunity to share something with you!
I had two big events right before my final exams took place; they are Charity Nite 2011 and Temu Akrab Hubungan Internasional (TAHI) 2011, or IR Students Encounter 2011 in English. :D I'll tell the story one by one, I hope you're ready!

This year's charity nite held by the Students Association in my uni was themed Share and Touch with Arts. It was held to raise fund for the street kids of Komunitas Gerbang. I was secondman of the Event Organizer Division. Aaaand, I'm happy to inform you that the event was a blast! There were far more people than we actually expected. People had great fun in the event, and we can share a lot with the street kids (x There were performances from Souljah, Tulus, and some campus bands, also from the traditional dance and theater club, Parkour, percussion, and of course, the street kids from Komunitas Gerbang as well. It was soooo touching to see them up on the big stage, looking happy and cherishing their moment up there :'D It's unforgettable. Despite having to stay up late for a few days for this event, it was all worth it in the end. I can never thank you enough, my fellow committee, and of course, everyone who had participated to make Charity Nite 2011 a success. :'D I love my university!

IR Students Encounter is an annual event held by the freshmen for the seniors (where the seniors can perform anything to their hearts' content), consisting of band and dance performances, videos, free foods, and of course, the highlight of this event: slow dance plus fireworks. So yeah, basically, the committee for this year's TAHI was the 2011 batch. So, what exactly did I do in this event? Well, I performed! :D with the 2010 batch dance crew, New Generation - a Korean Pop dance genre. I actually wasn't one of the original members. But, unfortunately, one of the members (Uji) got sick and they needed to find someone who can step in and learn the routine quickly. Soo.. they contacted me. hhas and there it went, I became one of the New Generation members for TAHI 2011 yaaaay :D (although it broke my heart that Uji had to be sick ): get well soon, Uji!)
So, after only a week of practice (for them) and four days of practice (for me), we finally hit the stage on December 3rd. New Generation performed Danger from f(x), and also Mr Taxi and The Boys from SNSD. In Danger, because it was a routine from f(x) - a Korean girlband consisting of 5, not all of us made the stage. Only Ecun, Khansa, Ririn, Nesya and Michello. But, all of us performed as SNSD in Mr Taxi and The Boys. Ecun as Yuri, Khansa as Taeyeon, Ririn as Yoona, Riesha as Seohyun, Michello as Hyoyeon, Nesya as Sooyoung, Gaby as Jessica, Kadek as Sunny, and myself - as Tiffany :D
Too bad that because it was after raining, the dance floor was kinda slippery ): but thank God we managed to do it well and got rave reviews (x although... quite many came to me and said that (the good part) they liked me because i was so all out and (the somewhat bad part - because I haven't seen the video yet) that i was so sexy. OMYGOD i can't be any more panic. I really need to see the video of us performing SOOOOON! I need to know how I did because I feel somewhat uncomfortable with people calling me sexy! aaaaaaa! --> yep, I'm pretty much an old-fashioned gal, that's that.
Anyways, until I see the video, here are some pics from that nite! :D
PS. I still haven't found any decent picture of us dancing, most are blurry, so be content with what I found for now, 'aight? I'll get back to you soon with more decent pics! :p
Some of my besties in IR also came. So there were Inggrid, Adela, Indy, Aditya, Arnaz, and me. By the end of the event, when the slow dance commenced, we made some kind of group slow dance: making a big circle, embraced in each other's arms, and moving slowly to the music while karaokeing. (x It was unforgettable when we were united in a big hug and the fireworks started shooting up to the sky..

:'D My uni life is just getting better and better. Of course, there are still many obstacles here and there. But, looking back to the early days of college where I really felt I didn't belong here, I am now happy to say that I am grateful and happy to be going here, to my uni. :'D

Hopefully, you have good days, now and ahead of you, as well.
Let's keep our spirit high together, people! :D

PS. wish me luck on my final exams! Cheerios!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures above. They come from some of the talented photographers around campus. :D


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