Personalized Door Sign

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Hello there, people! Happy happy Christmas again! :D
How's your holiday so far? I hope you are all happy and warm in this festive season.
My holiday has been b-e-a-uuuutiful, and I'll share glimpses of my Christmas season with you soon! (;

Today, however, I would like to talk about gifts. Seems fitting for the festive season, no? :p Well, you have known for sure that I looove adding personal touch to basically anything: from my dorm room, to the gifts I give to my loved ones. (; And now, I would like to share one of the simplest from my collection of DIY (do-it-yourself) personalized gifts.

It is..... *fanfare* personalized door sign, hoorraay! hhas
This is a very simple yet very cute gift you can give to someone. In my case, I made this as a gift to my friend in Bandung, Inggrid, as she had her 19th birthday on Dec 16th.

First, on the previous day, we gave her a voucher saying that she was entitled to have us coming over to her dorm on her birthday, to install a special gift.

Then, on her birthday, we came by silently very early, and install the gift (;

So, how to make this particular cute gift?
Very simple! All you need are:
1) a bunch of polaroids.
You can have some polaroids containing quotes, or sayings, like I did. In my case, it says "This is Inggrid's room. Don't mess around cos we heart her'.
2) 1 metre of rope (enough for two signs, adjust to your needs)
3) a bunch of cute wooden paper clips
4) double tape

Arrange them together: cut the rope into the needed length, clip the polaroids onto it, stick double tape to the back of the paper clips to stick it to the door...

... and voila!
Surely you can add anything you like that will cheer it up a bit; ribbons, for instance. I like to keep it simple though, to make sure that the saying pop out.

And this is my personalized door sign. :D Pretty simple, no? This is very fitting for students' financial condition because it says a lot with very minimum budget! (;
Inggrid was sooo excited to get this present, because she had been longing for a cute door sign. :p My friend, Vinsen, who contributed financially for this gift, said that he loved the saying the most. While my other friend Trissa, who also contributed financially for this gift, said that she loved the paper clips the most. :D

Do you have any idea about DIY personalized things? Feel free to share 'em!

PS. You don't have polaroid camera? No worries! I made this one not with polaroid camera either, but with the help of Photoshop! (;


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