Sun Nook

Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Sun nook' is a term in home decor field referring to a small corner with the lighting comes from the sun. I myself really love the idea of a sun nook, because when you say it, the image that pops into my mind is a tiny, cozy, bright corner - perfect for breakfast with my future family! :D I would definitely love to have one in my future house. The color scheme would be around white, ivory and creme so that it highlights and emphasizes the sunlight that comes into the room. :D I would probably hang a simple painting with simple frame, display some of my future collection of antique plates and big wooden spoons on the wall, and of course, place a beautiful flower vase (with live flowers in it) on the small table in the centre of the room :D

I'm so excited planning about decorating my future house!


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