Belated Bday Cover

Wednesday, February 29, 2012
I know it's sooo late... but... Anyway, since it's still February, I hope it's still not too late to post a cover on my birthday!

I celebrated my birthday this year by having a romantic birthday dinner with my boyfie, Kecoakman.  We dressed up kinda fancy: I wore my dress and he wore his longsleeves shirt (: The venue was this cozy homey cafe called 'Et Cetera' placed in Trunojoyo, Bandung. We had grand courses: grilled salmon with mashed potato and prawn, blue cheese sirloin, BBQ tenderloin, lemon grass tea. :D The food was soooo good!

And after we finished the food, Kecoakman had to go out several times to receive phone calls from his mother. Well.. turned out that it wasn't his mother that called, but... the cake delivery man! :D
Yeah, when he was still outside for the I-don't-know-how-many-th time, a birthday song suddenly played throughout all the speakers. I smiled, I thought there was another person inside the restaurant who was celebrating his/her birthday as well! But suddenly Kecoakman turned up to our table, bringing Cookies-and-Cream ice cream Cake from Dairy Queen. :'D Aww.. HOW ROMANTIC!

The next day, I had birthday lunch with my Mom who just got to Bandung and Kecoakman at Pizza Hut, Cihampelas Walk, Bandung. We were so fuull! We had a lotta fun :'D Too bad my mom had to leave Bandung in the evening..

For my birthday this year, I also received a lot of surprises and presents. (x It made me reaaally happy!

1) First surprise: Kecoakman.
On the midnite from February 2nd to 3rd, he suddenly turned up at my room bringing me a present, which is a cuuuute yellow doggy dog. (x No need to go into detail, but it's wrapped in my memory forever!
And on the midnite right before Feb 3rd ends, he turned up again at my room bringing me a present... which is a gorgeous grey outer from Muji! :'D Love it! (I wear the outer in the picture above - for my birthday lunch with mom!)

2) Second surprise: HTF! (Happy Tree Friends)
This is a group of my besties here in Bandung, consisted of about 20 girls and guys. One of them, Trissia, texted me on February 2nd, asking me to go to campus on February 3rd (my birthday), which also happened to be my off day. She asked me to bring me a number of references for our class. Without any suspicion, I went into trap and... there they were! Waiting for me with a beautiful cake, candles, and presents (x Lydia and Trissia gave me this cuteeee pink binder with a cow on the cover, and the others gave me a cute Piglet box filled with a bunch of candies and a gift voucher. Thought the voucher was valid for the cake as my present! Turned out...

3) Third surprise: Inggrid and Adela
In the afternoon, when I was about to take a nap, there was a sudden knock on the door. And... tadaa! Inggrid and Adela surprisingly turned up! They brought me a present which is.... the bag I had a crush on here! (x Need I say more????? Like, aaaaaaaaaaaaa! *freaking out* (x

4) Fourth surprise: 7 wonder girls
This is another group of friends I have here in Bandung. On Feb 5th afternoon, when I was spending time chatting with Kecoakman in his room, he suddenly said that Feli (one of the 7 Wonder Girls members) told him that she asked him to bring her my book that she wanted to borrow. So, Kecoakman dragged me to my room to get the book. After we were in my room and he's got the book, he said that he was too lazy to go up and deliver the book to Feli. So we hung around in my room for a lil more. But a few minutes later... TADAA! 7 Wonder Girls popped in front of my room, bringing pizza as the bday cake, and a present for me which is a cute top :'D we had a good time after that, chatting and catching up with each other.. Too bad that Patrice and Feren couldn't join us that day..

5) Fifth surprise: NTUMUN gang
A few days after my birthday (Feb 6th to be exact), I was having just another NTU MUN practice with the delegate from my college and some other friends. However, this one practice was... let's say, slightly different. The atmosphere was like ICE-COLD. Everyone seemed like havin bad mood, Kak Made even kinda ignored me. BUT AGAIN. I had no suspicion whatsoever (I am like so bad with surprises, I have no idea when one is gonna happen to me -.-").
After practice, Julian drove me to my dorm. I went downstair to find something, but when I got back.. Indy and Nuel were there looking for me. They wanted to borrow atlas. When I was in my room looking for the atlas, tadaaa! Kak Made, Olga, Marcella, and the whole gang were already there, with a candle-lit cake! :'D It was such a great night...

So, again, thank you, thank you, thank you so, so much for making this 20th birthday of mine so special (': It's a big turning point for my life and you guys made it even more special by celebrating it with me (': May you all ALWAYS be blessed, and be a blessing - as you had been for me :* I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Baby Girl Yerin Park!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012
CUTIE LITTLE PIE! CALLIN' MY NAME! (ehm.. actually no, she said 'aja' but it reaaally sounds like 'acha', no? :p)

World Icons I'd Love to See for Myself #1

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Welcome to the first edition of World Icons I'd Love to See for Myself, part of Pretty Places feature! :D

In this first edition, I'd love to share two world icons that I'd really, reaaaally love to see for myself.

Red Telephone Box - London, UK
Actually, I had travelled to London. Once. When I was 4-yrs-old. HAHA So basically I don't remember anything, not even these beautiful red telephone boxes.

Yellow Cab - Times Square, New York, US
I'll ride one myself one day. I will. I will. (:

Hello Again, Young Wizards & Witches!

Monday, February 20, 2012
Hello again, fellows! :D
Wooow. Long time no see, no? I've been missing for like two weeks and more! Bad blogger! :p Well, in my defense, I have very good and valid reasons as to why I've been missing. Yes! I was in Singapore and Jakarta! :p So... sorry everyone, my bad!

I promised you that I'll post something about my birthday and my singapore trip. AND I WILL. However I am still waiting for all the pictures. So in the meantime, let me share a lil about my obsession this morning... (not only this morning actually, but it is randomly multiplied this morning! :p)


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is a Harry-Potter-themed amusement park, which is also a part of the Islands of Adventures area of Orlando Universal Studio. Currently, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter consists of three main rides which are: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, which exists within a re-creation of Hogwarts; Dragon Challenge, which is a pair of inverted roller-coasters; and Flight of the Hippogriff, which is a family roller coaster.
It also has a re-creation of Hogsmeade which includes a model of Hogwarts Express, Dervish and Banges, Honey Dukes, Ollivanders, Zonko's, The Three Broomsticks, and the Hog's Head.

Okay! Enough talkin! Let's see for ourselves! Let the magic.... begin. (:

Did you know that I literally had tears welling up in my eyes when I first arrived at Universal Studios Singapore, and a few times inside it? It's because I was so overwhelmed that I finally had my feet on it. I wonder what'd happen if I arrive here..

cute fluffy Hedwig!

And... the casts were also there as well! Hermione, erm, I mean, Emma, looks gorgeous, doesn't she?? (x

Ooh, she's got her wand! Can't wait to get mine! :D

Hhas yeaah. So that is it.. I really wish I could go there sometime in the future :D It would be like magic come true.. Or maybe, if Universal Studios Singapore decides to also open the site as well... AAAAAAA I'LL FIND A WAY TO COME BACK THERE!


Officially 20

Monday, February 6, 2012
Hello there, everyone! :D How's life?
For me, it's been four days that I am officially twenty, woohoo!

My 20th birthday I think had to be one of the best birthdays I've ever had. So many surprises, happiness, love, even birthday presents from so many people (x

First, there are six pictures sent to me, loaded with love and greetings. They've made me so happy, even if they are virtual gifts! (x Here they are:
from my Happy Tree Friends circle of friends here in Bandung

from my girl, Jhe Ow

from my girl, Monik

from my girl, Chinchin

from my soul sister, Amanda

They're so sweet, aren't they??? (x So, thankssss again to all of you for going into such troubles making me such cute gifts as these pics (x

I'll post further about the story of my 20th birthday. However, we'll have to wait until the pictures are all complete! :D I hope it won't be too late to post 'em then! :p

Anyway, I'll be flying over to Singapore just in a few days to attend NTUMUN like I said before here. Sooo, basically, you'll get two MAJOR stories from me when I see you again: the story of my birthday AND the story of my 'adventure' in Singapore! (x Can't wait!

Until then, toodles! Have a great life! :D

MGR-Thrifted, NOW OPEN!

Friday, February 3, 2012

We sell high quality - branded and unbranded - second-hand items, new items, and partner items.. We are currently featuring Little Lemons Shop for our partner items. :D And... no need to worry! We offer all to you with affordable prices! (;



Click the picture to jump into the fabulous MGR-Thrifted
a.k.a. Marsha-Go-Round Thrift Shop! :D

1 Day Till Open!

Thursday, February 2, 2012
Omygod, I almost can't believe it: it's only one day left till Marsha-Go-Round Thrifted is open! :D

Beside a collection of thriftable goods and partner items with very, very interesting prices, MGR Thrifted has also prepared two special services for you, our future potential buyers! :D We have Special Occasions Service (SOS) and Guys Emergency Treat (GET) special service!

Wanna know more??? :D
Make sure you don't miss the opening!

Friday, February 3rd, 2012 - 10:00 am

It's the very definition of 'Thank God it's Friday'! :p
Prepare to shop till drop! :D Much love!

Countdown Begins!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
I've been preparing to open Marsha-Go-Round's very own thrift shop for almost two weeks now, with the help of my boyfriend, Kecoakman. And I'm really happy to announce that MGR-Thrifted will be open on the very same day with my 20th birthday, FEBRUARY 3rd, 2012! At 10 am GMT+7 time. :D

I've prepared a collection of thriftable goods with very, very interesting prices, and also a collection of partner items featuring Little Lemons Shop by one of the most fabulosa fashionistas, Laurensia Monika!

So, let the countdown begin! :D
Make sure you don't miss the opening! Prepare to shop till drop! :D Much love!