Saturday, December 10, 2011


Beth: Her name was Marie-Therese Walter.
She was 17 when Picasso fell in love with her.
Picasso was already married, and 30 years her senior,
so they kept their affair a secret.
But he documented his passion
by hiding her initials in some of his paintings.
Of course, Picasso wasn't completely ready to settle down,
and he left Marie-Therese for Dora Maar
just like he left his wife Olga for Marie-Therese.
But Marie-Therese never stopped loving Picasso.
And she hung herself after his death.

Nick: Hey... You OK?

Beth: She just loved him so much,
and in the end, he didn't really love her back.
It's just sad.

Nick: You know, it doesn't always have to be that way.

Beth: Every time I've ever put myself out there,
I've gotten hurt. Every time.
It's like I meet a guy, and I think it's great.
And anyone else would just be thinking about
how much greater it's going to get.
And I'm constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Nick: You know, lightning does strike once in a while, Beth.
Trust me. I know.

Beth: I wish I could believe that.

Nick: You can. No other shoes are going to drop, Beth.
This is real.
I'm real.

Do you know the feeling when you are scared, so afraid of being hurt, because things have gone wrong so many times for you that you are afraid to take risk? To open your heart and risk it to be hurt? But then someone comes along and assures you.. And yes, you do not know how it is gonna be in the future. But as long as you are with that someone, you can fall asleep peacefully knowing things are gonna be all right. Hoping tomorrow will still come and things will still be all right.

Anyway, do not assume anything. hhas I post this with no specific intention. Just feeling that I can relate to Beth's fear, and I am as grateful as Beth to find someone that helps us to get through that fear. To believe again that this could be real, that this is real.

Just randomly thankful. (:


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