Ravenclaw and English Oak

Friday, December 23, 2011
Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.

Thanks to my soul sister, Amanda, I was finally able to get back in Pottermore a few days ago! Yaaay! :D Yeah, though had been one of the lucky few that were accepted early into the Pottermore world, due to my lame internet connection, I could not access the site and/or exploit the full use of it. I was stuck on the Gringotts page for, like, ever. But thanks to Amanda, her computer, and her awesome internet connection, I could get back inside and finish ALL Book 1 in a few hours. Hoorraaaaay! :D

In Pottermore, we would all get questions to determine which wand we will procure and what house we are sorted into. The questions were unexpected! hhas they can be very random like asking you 'which one do you choose (from a coin), head or tail?'. JENG JENGGG! hhas The result came out kind of surprisingly, especially for the sorting ceremony! hhas Amanda and I even literally jumped on our chair out of shock when it came out (because there was no telling that 'the result will now be presented', or some kind like that)! It just came out, no warning! :p

Aaaaand.. Here are some results of my journey:

English Oak with Phoenix Feather Core, Eleven Inches, Slightly Springy

Yep, that's right, baby! I am in Ravenclaw woohooo! :D I am really glad to get a phoenix core wand AND be placed in Ravenclaw. I do feel it in my heart that I belong somewhere between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. And though I was not sorted into Gryffindor as many might have longed, I am still happy and proud to be sorted out as Ravenclaw! Woohooo!
Amanda's respond was like, 'Wow hebat banget kamu dapet phoenix core!', and (this one I quoted from her twitter), 'Woohooo my best budy @marshaimaniara was sorted into ravenclaw~ the sorting hat can detect the smart ones x)'
Hhas I am just sooo thrilled. Too bad Amanda had disabled her Pottermore account (all for the sake of her A level exams - so Hermione! :p). Otherwise we could have explored this Pottermore world together..
We had so much fun exploring it: collecting (pocket-picking! :p) Galleons, books and ingredients for potion, brewing potions, practising spells and dueling people. We were even banned from the dueling application for a while because we were 'abusing' it too much! hhas Anyway, with me back to my own laptop and lame internet connection, I won't be able to get inside Pottermore for a while.
However, I vent my feelings by re-reading the Harry Potter books. I have this bursting proud and happy feelings everytime I come across Flitwick or other Ravenclaws. I think it has started to grow in me: sense of belonging to Ravenclaw! :p I am so overwhelmed reading Harry Potter. I finished re-reading the seventh book just this afternoon. I got so much teary. It really hit me that I have grown up, and how coincidentally perfect timing it is that the Harry Potter series (movies) ended at the same year of my last year of ages '1-something'.

I am indeed a Harry Potter generation, and PROUD of it. (':

Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.
-J.K. Rowling


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