New Semester, New Hair

Monday, January 16, 2012
Good morning, universe! :D
How's life been treatin' ya? Hopefully great, right? :D Anyway I'm gonna give a very quick post here since I really have to get prepared for today.

SO! Today is the beginning of my fourth semester. Wow. Time does fly, no? I'll be starting this semester today with three meetings, two classes (Conflict Resolution and International Economic Law), and a NTUMUN practice. Booyah! hhas gotta get a new boom spirit to handle all those!
And to accompany me start a new semester, I got myself a new haircut yesterday. Well, it's not exactly just because I wanna cut my hair, but really cos I got to. HAHA My hair is genetically thin and it easily falls, so I can't have too long hair. Pity. But anyway! Here's my new look! (not dramatically different, but still! :p)

So, what do you think? Not to pat myself on the back, but I think it makes me look more fresh. hhas

Now, it's time for more great news. Did you notice something different in my last post before this? Yes, right! Marsha-Go-Round has a new logo! :D I'll put it with my signature and post it by the end of my every post. What do you think? Pretty neat? What needs to be done to improve it? Comments, critiques, suggestions welcomed!

Now, let's start today with a bang! Cheer up, and share the spirit! (;


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