Can You Feel It?

Sunday, November 6, 2011
Can you feel it, honey? Xmas is approaching! Whoopeeee! :D

There's just something with holiday season atmosphere, no? Even when it's terribly cold all day it makes you feel warm and happy all the time. You can sense joy swimming in the air and you feel like you can hear sleigh bells ringing in the air all the time (and I live in a country with no winter season, hence impossible for sleighing!) :p I personally always relate end of the year with holiday season, with Christmas, with family and friends and lover, when you're just happy for no reason at all! :D

PLUS, Bandung is sooo cold lately. It's been raining all day long for several days now. It makes the atmosphere of holiday season even more pronounced. It makes me all happy and excited and kinda lazy to some extent. hhas I just wanna stay at dorm, reading a good book, watching a ridiculously funny comedy movies while snuggling with Kecoakman under the blanket, and drinking chocolate milk all the time! While there are LOTS and LOTS of works to do. *sigh* hhas doesn't really matter tho. The thoughts of holiday season just makes me more determined to finish all that strong!

And this thought brings me to my soul sister, Amanda. She's having a big, big final exam this week starting tomorrow. And I really wish I could be there to support her and assure her that everything's gonna be all right. That nothing she had done would be in vain. That she can give her best and get the best too. I may not be there with you in person, but I'm there with you in spirit. Go out there and kick them ass, Amanda! Let it be heard, that you may have had hard times here and there, but you will never ever go down without fight! You will rise and make it! SE-MA-NGAT! It will all be over in no time, and you will feel relieved. (: You will come home and I'll be able to give you the present I told you, and we will get to spend quality times together! (:

Now, before I finish here, enjoy this, people: an early holiday 'treat' for all of you (:
holiday season
holiday season
holiday season
holiday season
to cheer your days up, to boost your spirit,
to remind you to hold on just a little bit longer.
For you who are having a bad time, it will all be over soon.
Good days will come. Or yet, maybe even better, they're already here. (:
Cheer up and give me a big smile!

PS. I might come back and bring more pictures with holiday season atmosphere (x I might even post my own holiday season pictures, or at least those originally from Indonesia! :D


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