Saturday, July 7, 2012
And because of the reunion I think we've got more energy and enthusiasm than we've ever had.
Glenn Tipton

One day in mid June, I had a reunion with some of my junior high and high school close friends. It was fun! There's nothing like a good reunion, is there? It really recharged me with energy and enthusiasm!

I happened to have two small reunions on that same day. The first one was with my homegirl Amanda, Adel, Nana, and Ita. We had a bite at Pancious Pancake House in Summarecon Mall Serpong - which is a very fancy restaurant with pancake and pasta as their specialty. But, being all cheapskates, we refused to pay the ridiculous prices, and thus shared only one portion of their cheapest pancake among the four of us (Nana didn't like pancake), and shared one glass of milkshake per two people. On a side note, their Cookies-and-Cream Milkshake is to die for! A definite must-try (;

It was fun nonetheless! hhas We shared a good laugh and caught up with what's goin' on with each other. And then we moved to one of my favorite spots, Ojiya Serenity Pond (still in Summarecon Mall Serpong). It is a wood-plank-floored terrace, stuffed with a few poolside tables surrounded by cozy woven sofas, with a koi pond in the middle and plants around the terrace. It's so relaxing and cozy! And the good news is, you don't need to buy any food to enjoy the place. However, if you'd like some bites to accompany you relaxing, there are a number of restaurants and coffee shops surrounding the spot, such as Kenny Roger's and Excelso. (:

Then, it's time for another group meeting! My brother (not in blood, but in hearts :p), Gavin, picked me up, accompanied with Komang, Jessi, and Caesa. Then we all went to Living World Alam Sutera. We watched Madagascar 3 - which was so funny! And had another bite in Bakmie Gajah Mada - if you've never tried, you need to, I tell you! Their Special Bakmie GM (special noodle with chicken, mushroom, meatballs) and Pangsit Goreng (fried dumpling) are really yummy and so famous. (;

With them, I could never stop laughing! We kept making jokes, we both laughed at and with each other :p It was fun!

How about you? When was the last time you had reunion with your old friends?? :D


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