Singapore, Baby! #2

Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Hey there, dolls! I finaaally have the time and the proper internet connection to do blog posts. Omygod, I can't even begin to tell you how much I've missed blogging! hhas I've tried a couple times, sure, to open Blogger and/or upload pictures, HOWEVER. My lame internet connection wouldn't do anything other than disappointing me! *exaggeration* hhas

Anyway! I've come to you with the post I've promised you guys ages ago. The second part of my Singapore trip! Woohoo! :D Shall we begin now??

February 12th, 2012
... And with the closing ceremony ended, we all left the Nanyang Executive Center, which had been our home for the past three days, and headed to the Rucksack Inn 2, our next low-cost stay for the next two days.
What's interesting is, the inn was located beside a 'karaoke house'. I was quite shocked actually when we first walked pass the karaoke house, because there was a beaaaautiful Chinese/Korean looking girl wearing a pretty dress with a number on her chest. I really thought that she was a beauty contest participant, but then Julian said she was a prostitute. T___T I just couldn't accept the fact that the beautiful, innocent looking girl is a prostitute! But I lived on :p And after climbing endless stairs with our heavy suitcases, we finally arrived at our lovely small room!
our messy, tight-packed room!

We stayed up till quite late: gossiping, doing evaluation, and basically just bonding with each other. :'D It was priceless. I really miss those moments with those guys (if you're reading this, guys, you know who you are!) :'D

February 13th, 2012
The big day finally came: UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE DAY! :D
We were initially worried because in the morning it was raining. So we spent some times waiting for the rain to stop in the living room, taking pictures and me making breakfast for them. :D Here's a glimpse to the cozy living room:

Right after the rain stopped, we headed to the MRT station and.... went straight to the Sentosa Island! :D Then we took a monorail and... the a glimpse of USS started to be visible. :'D Honest, it was an overwhelming moment to me. It's... it's just so... it's beyond my grasp that I finally got to go outside, explore the world, and set foot to an amazing place such as USS. Several times in the USS my eyes were filled with tears... I can't even write properly now remembering those moments. It's true, I guess, some things just can't be written. :'D

the cute candy shop just outside the USS

All day in the USS, I kept my spirit high and was very eager to try every single ride. My favorite was the Mummy roller coaster and the new Transformers ride. They were AWESOME! They're so high-tech, and thrilling, and fascinating... I guess I just would never get rid of this inner child in me, and I never would want to. :D And I just looooveeee the decoration and the detail of every design in each themed-zone!

I was a bit disappointed, actually, when my friends were not as excited as me and their spirit kept getting lower when they became more tired. Fewer and fewer of us wanted to get on the rides as the day grew. Hhas But I can proudly say that I got on every ride that we managed to get on on that day! :D Even the scary, humongous roller coaster called Human (the other one is called Cyclops - even way scarier than the Human)! But anyhoo, we had so much fun in the USS! And I really hope that I can get back there soon! (x

the Ancient Egypt themed-zone, where the mummy ride is located

the Jurassic Park zone that got me reaaally excited (since I really love the Jurassic Park series), although the ride wasn't so great tho

the animatronic baby stegosaurus that kept nibbling my fingers! so cute, I just wanted to grab him home! :p

the dino treat (which actually was turkey leg)

the gate to the Far, Far Away fairy tale land :D

with Ross, the MC of Donkey interactive life show!

in the Fairy Godmother's (from Shrek) shop

And so our journey in USS finally ended.. :'D After the USS, we decided to visit the Merlion park and take a few (or, a lot of) pictures there. And unfortunately, we got the wrong MRT and thus, we must walk for about two kilometres from our station to the Merlion park! :p It was unforgettable. It really helped us bond better :'D But unfortunately, my friend still hasn't uploaded the pictures of us in the Merlion Park. And so after that, we got back to our inn at about 11 pm and went straight forward to sleeeeep.

February 14th, 2012
On this morning, only Marcella, Julian and I went outside the inn. The others slept in until it was time to check out. Marcella and I went to Bugis to do a little shopping and souvenir hunting, while Julian went to Orchard - also to do a little shopping for himself. :p
I got to meet Jessica, my high school friend, in Bugis and she took Marcella and me to this little bubble tea seller which sell the yummiest bubble tea I've ever tasted!
And soon after, our little Singapore adventure had to end. We had to check out from the inn by 12 pm, and head straight to the airport. I can proudly say that after this adventure, I'm not as scared as before of flying! :p

So basically, I can only say that this Singapore trip has been one of the most wonderful things that had happened to me. :'D It was my first experience of going abroad by myself, to attend a competition because of what is perceived as my capability, and with the support of people around me - whom I reaaally, really love. :'D It will forever be cherished in my heart, an experience that I can share and hope will be inspiration to others - that whatever your dream is, and no matter what constrains you are facing to achieve that dream, when you persevere and put all your best effort and prayer into it, you can achieve it. (':


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