My Cinderella Story!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012
On March 29th, 2012, me and my friends attended a table manner and slow dance course held by the IR Students Association in the GH Universal Hotel, Setiabudhi, Bandung. Since the very first time I saw that hotel, like a few months ago, I had fallen in love with it right away. It was a castle-like hotel, with a very Renaissance feeling on it. Gorgeous, a lot of pretty and grand details, very luxurious, very me in every manner! HAHA :p

taken from GH Universal website

It was so exciting getting ready for the event. Michello and I even had an unexpected sudden girls noon, shopping for accessories (her), and pampering ourselves getting our nails done. :p I had this pretty soft-pink/nude O.P.I. nail polish for myself. Super love! After that, it was salon time. I had a little curls on the end of my hair and everyone said that I looked just like a cute porcelain doll. Even more than before! HAHA I mean, how much more doll-like can I get, right? O.o For my dress I had this short creme dress, with flowery-lacey detail on the chest. In short, the dress is just so me. :p
At around six, we met in the hotel: me, my partner - Adit (since I can't bring my boyfriend who's not an IR student), Lydia and her partner Victor, Inggrid and her partner Vinsen, Adela and her partner Arnaz, Trissia and her boyfriend Jason, Melin and her partner Alvin, and Marcella and her partner Indy. When we first got into the lobby, it was.... different. hhas Everyone was dressed up to the nines, the guys acted so gallant (Adit even pulled my chair for me and brought my bag!)... So dreamy. hhas Especially with such a luxurious venue; it made everything even more special. :D

with Adit at the photobooth

After everyone was gathered, we were escorted to the second story where the ballroom was. Several tables were already set up, and we divided ourselves into two groups to sit on two different tables (one wasn't enough for all of us). The short course started, with several demonstration on how to sit properly, how to use your fork and knife, yada yada yada, and.... the banquet finally began. :D *all were very hungry because the event started late!* :p

Bon App├ętit!

the fancy menu

appetizer - fruit salad

soup - mushroom soup

main course - GH Universal Beef Steak

dessert - tiramisu

with my partner, Adit

The formal dinner was followed directly with a short slow dance course - yaay, we made it! - and now we are all masters of slow dance! *not quite so, but we'd like to think so! :p*

the dance floor

Melin, Lydia, me, Inggrid, Trissia, Adela

IR Students, batch 2010

As the night concluded, we were all full from food and laughter, and joy and excitement, and that nice feeling of having accomplished something or learnt something new. :D It made us all a lil bit more excited, I guess, about becoming the real diplomats later in the future, and experience again that kind of luxurious, exclusive, important feeling. :p I would looove to think that someday in the future, we would meet each other again, in another formal dinner, with each of us have already been holding important positions in our own career. :D

And we will. Fingers crossed!

PS. This would also be a great time to introduce, Lydia, my soon-to-be blogging partner for several (some will be new) special features. You can visit this gorgeous lady here and look how beautiful her blog is! :D


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