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Thursday, October 11, 2012
I know, I know. I made terrible sin: abandoning this blog for so long!! ): However, I'm back with lots and lots and lots of stories. I hope this will make up for the 'missing in action' part, because I was indeed missing not without any justifiable reason! :p

Okay, here's a quick update before many long posts ahead about my latest adventures! :D

1. I am officially a Beswan Djarum batch 28 now! Meaning, I am an official scholarship recipient of Djarum Beasiswa Plus. Thank God!! :'D

2. I was awarded 'Best Student of IR Batch 2010' at the 51st Dies Natalis of my faculty past couple weeks ago! It really was an honor :'D

3. I went to BANGKOK, THAILAND to attend and be a part of Asia Pacific Model United Nations (APMUN) 2012! The very first one, organized by UN ESCAP and AIT! OMYGOD IT WAS BEYOND WORDS!! I'll be posting lotsa stories on this one, that's a promise (;

4. About two weeks ago, I and my friends from the IR Student Association 2012/13 had just been officially inaugurated (me as President of IREC)! :D Oh, and I am now having midterm exams (while I'm not feeling very well lately from exhaustion). So..... please bear with me if I shall be missing in action again O.o

Anyway, how are you guys doing?? Hope everything goes well in your life :D If not, don't worry it too shall pass (: Smell you later, pretty people, and oh, pleaseee wish me luck for my midterm exams! Smooches :*


  1. nice!

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  1. Cindy Karmoko said...:

    wow congrats and good luck!


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