Thursday, September 29, 2011
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am well aware that it is now only 2 mins to midnight. However, let me just put this last post of today. (; hhas

Wow! September almost passes. So quick, eh? Well, it's been a trying month. Classes, homeworks, papers, committee works, etc etc etc.. O.O I've been wondering have I bitten more than I can chew... although everything still works all right, my body doesn't cooperate really well anymore lately. I got fever almost every night, and by the time a week almost comes to an end, I have been zombified already. hhas

I'm not saying I am not having fun. Nooo! I have a wonderful semester! :D I'm kinda like an ant: I feel alive when I am busy and have works to do. However, I have this 'bel far niente' persona in me as well. I love to have spare time just to sit by myself, reading a good book, sipping green tea, or even just rambling by myself and daydreaming. Time-wasting? Well, not really. Because I also believe in this quote 'Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted.' hhas Yeah, but nowadays, I find those kinda times are a luxury that I can rarely enjoy. *sigh

Maybe it's because I'm also having a PMS, I'm experiencing quite a severe mood swing. It takes all my energy to keep a smile running on my face. hhas especially when I am hungry (and I rarely am, in normal times), my mood even gets crankier. I'll snap snap snap! :p nah, don't worry, I don't really bite (or, as a matter of fact, I do! hhas)

Wow such a random post. :p Anyway...
A few days ago, a junior asked me, "Kak, what activities are you currently in?"
So I began elaborating, "Chief producer, head of Matter&Research, (...)"
And he replied, "Wow... how can you do all that? And you still got 4.0 GPA last semester too! Cool!"

Regardless of his admiration, it got me thinking. I then remembered a quote, saying:
"Your mind is powerful enough to do more than one thing at one time, but you can only do one thing well at one time."

Have I been forcing myself too hard? And for what reason? Have all I've been doing reached their maximum quality (which I doubt, for some of the things)? I've been able to make it this far. But how much longer can I take it? And at what cost? And, if I let go of some of the responsibilities I have chosen to take, then, also at what cost?

I need to take some time and figure this out. In the mean time, let's do our best, keep up the spirit, and stay strong all! :*

And last, just one silly picture to make you laugh (and if it doesn't, just remember it works for me though!) :p
My boyfriend, Y, poking me in the eye -.-" it really hurt, mind you hhas :p

May the force be with you! :*


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