Labile *giggle giggle*

Thursday, September 22, 2011
One of my current activities now is GINTRE (Gathering and Introducing International Relations). It is sort of an internal Model United Nations (MUN) for the new IR students here in my college. I happen to be the coordinator for Matter & Research division, which is in charge of creating the theme, researching for the topic, and assisting the mentees (our juniors that are divided into a number of state delegates) understanding the matter. 

Here's a funny convo between one of my mentee from 'delegate of Russia' and me.
Acha (A)     : explaining about Russia's view and stance on Responsibility to Protect (R2P)
Mentee (M) : Hooo, got it! So basically Russia is labile*, isn't she? (excited)
Acha (A)     : can't help giggling at her innocence

* 'labile' or 'LABIL (in Bahasa)' is a popular term amongst Indonesian youths nowadays. It means the condition of indecisiveness, or the rapid change of acts taken due to the immature level of emotions in young age.

hhas I love you all, my mentees. :*


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