Blankets Magnet! *snuggle snuggle*

Thursday, September 29, 2011
Hello there, everyone! :D Welcome to my first post for 'Cravings & Obsessions' feature! Okay, I'll just make it short, because I really can't hold it in any longer: I am currently too obsessed with blankets!

As a matter of fact, I have always been a huge fan of blankets. I can never sleep without a blanket; I have to be, if not under it, at least near it.

Snuggly mood all over...

In my dorm, I already have three blankets. Two are made from yarn, while the other one is made of soft cotton wool. The first one made from yarn is in my fave color, fuchsia; the other yarn-made blanket of mine has pattern on it: houses, and grass, and etc.. And the last one that is made of cotton wool is beige-coloured.

However, despite the three blankets I already have, I just can't help it: I want to buy more and more blankets! :p I especially want a quilt blanket, because I've never had one till now. :3 would anyone buy one for meeee? :p hhas


See? How beautiful.. *sighing, drooling* Me want!


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