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Thursday, October 27, 2011
HELLO THERE, PEOPLE! Oh my God, it's just been TOO long, hasn't it? I'm terribly sorry.. *putting on puss-in-boots eyes* hhas I just have too much going on and I couldn't find the time to blog.. Sorry.. ): I'm also sad to see my blog not running well.. But let's hope it'll get better, 'kay? :D

yo there dawg, 'sup???? :p *does the ghetto style suit me well?*
hhas okay, okay, I know I'm too much of a nerd to be cool, no? But doesn't matter! I am proud to be a nerd! I can be a hot chick as well as a smart nerd, yeah! :p hhas I don't know what's wrong with me, rambling rambling rambling, sorry. :p

OKAY. To the important stuff,
one of the reasons I didn't blog for so long is.. because I got sick. Yeahh, I went to the hospital last week, got my blood sample taken, and I was diagnosed as having the symptoms of typhoid. Meaning, I SHOULD have got some rest, but.. you know me, work work work and no rest. Hence, a low drop last Monday. My condition got worse for at least three days: I got fever, I felt feverish all the time (feeling cold no matter how hot the weather and my body were), plus add the slightest touch of diarrhea (thankfully the last one didn't last long). Being sick sucks! hhas I could barely eat anything, I ran back and forth to the restroom, my whole body hurt..

I am so lucky to have my amazing boyfriend, Kecoakman, taking after me night after night through that horrible sickness *blurgh I hate being sick* and I am so, so lucky to have beautiful friends sending their loves to me, lifting my spirit so that I am pumped to recover really soon! (: I love you all.. You are all my sunshine :*

PS. btw, I just got myself a haircut last Saturday hhas and I MIGHT alter it further, but I'm still not so sure. gonna share some pics later, either I actually do it or not :p but later! I'm so excited!


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