Name in the Offing

Friday, October 14, 2011
It was a sticky moment: Harry knew that she had sensed Ron's name in the offing.
-Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

When someone tells you a story, which is an interesting story for her/him, but also in which relating to someone (for example, that particular person is the one who told her/him this story in the first place) that you don't like or have problem with, sometimes they would just 'omit' that person's name from their story. It is not rarely that we, when we hear that story from her/him, can feel something is missing. And when we want to clarify it, for example, we ask, 'Who told you this?' The conversation becomes awkward and the one who is telling you just turn their eyes away from yours, as they mumble the answer 'Just a friend of mine', or worse, just ONE unanswering word at all, 'Friend.'. And from there after, she/he would just ignore our further questions if it is anywhere related to the topic. Hmm. Yep, it is definitely just like what's been said in Harry Potter, "It was a sticky moment: Harry knew that she had sensed Ron's name in the offing."

Hhas and then you wonder. What is the reason behind the offing? Is it to respect you, to avoid you from being in a bad mood because she/he mentions the 'forbidden name'? But then you think, "No one forbade anything, I certainly did not." And you wonder again... Is it because she/he doesn't want you to know that they still contact and have talks with the 'particular person whose name is in the offing'? Because if it is the matter, it just gets you even more upset. Because if she/he had just mentioned the 'particular person's name' casually, it would not have been a matter at all! But since she/he decided to make off this particular person's name, you just can't help keeping wondering then: What happened? What is in there that I can not know? What is your exact reason for doing that? Why don't you just mention that particular person's name? Do you really think that I am so selfish or weak that I just can't take it being mentioned? What? Why? What if...

Hhas have you ever experienced such things? It sucks, right? And no matter how much you try not to care, you still do. (or is it just me?) Hhas

So anyone, if you're planning on telling someone a story, that is interesting for you but containing someone that the one you're telling has problem with, you'd better just mention his/her name casually. When a name is in the offing? It's not cool. AND WE ALWAYS KNOW IT. It is a sticky moment, you don't wanna get stuck in it. (;

So, adios, amigos! I'm outta here.
Talk to you later!

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Ron's name in the offing


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