In The ER

Saturday, October 29, 2011
Last Thursday (10/27), I was brought into the ER (Emergency Room) in St Boromeus Hospital. My fever wouldn't come down since last week, I kept vomiting, and my diarrhea wouldn't get better. So, my boyfriend Kecoakman rushed me to the hospital, but the clinic was closed already. Hence, we were transferred to the ER. I was infused with two bags of infusion liquid (i don't know what it's called) and I got a shot for my stomach (another term for lambung). The doctor first recommended me to be hospitalized but I said NO right away, horrified about my undone works piled.

So, yeah.. I am feeling so much better now (: I really have to say thanks to everyone who has shown me great loves and cares.. I really love you all, guys (:

May God always bless you all!
Stay healthy everyone! :D

PS. You might wonder though, cos on the day I was supposed to be in the ER, I instead posted two blog posts. How come? hhas to keep my blog running well, I am now using the 'Scheduled Post' feature on Blogspot. That helps me maintaining a frequent posting even though I'm not around at the time. (;


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