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Tuesday, October 18, 2011
It's been a few days now, but I just really got the time to write this, but.. GINTRE (Gathering and Introducing International Relations) 2011 is officially over! :'D

Yeah, we finally made it! Last Sunday, 16 Oct 2011, was the day of GINTRE 2011. I might have mentioned it, but I'd rather take the extra mile just to be sure, so I'll explain just a little bit about GINTRE. It is an annual event held by the third semester Int'l Relations (IR) students in my university, which is dedicated for the IR freshmen so they can experience being a 'real' diplomat and practice their diplomacy skill. The event consisted of an MUN (Model United Nations - which is a simulation of a UN assembly), talk show, and mascots fashion show.

Matter&Research Division - just before the assembly started

I happened to be the head of the Matter&Research Division, which is in charge of organizing and socializing the materials for the MUN. The theme for the MUN this year is 'humanitarian intervention', and so the assembly was titled "29th Special Session of United Nations General Assembly: Redefining the Implementation of the Humanitarian Intervention (with Regards to Human Rights, Sovereignty, and Responsibility to Protect)".

some of the Matter&Research Division members - watching from above :p

And... it came up as a great success! *insert standing ovation and happy tears*
I am so, so, SO PROUD of the freshmen. They managed to do so well at the MUN! They are so active and participative, the content of their speech was beyond our (the Matter&Research Division's) expectation.. it's... WOW! It felt like all the hard work we've been putting in is all WORTH IT. Yaaaaay! °•(>̯┌┐<)•°

After the assembly concluded to an end, the talk show with some of the alumni (who've been successful and working in important places like Foreign Dept and ASEAN - wow!) began. It was such an interesting talk show. And when it finally ended, the excitement of the mascots fashion show began!

the mascots of Russia

So, every delegate must have two people dressing up as their country's mascots. In the fashion show, they would walk the catwalk, posed, and promoted their country in 2 mins. They were all so good, and some of them were just plain HILARIOUS! hhas all the people were just so pumped up.

And after that, came the rather sad and touching end. The head of the committee called all the divisions one by one to say good bye in their own way (e.g. dancing, making silly moves, etc.) to the freshmen. This concluded all the hard work of the committee, and this also meant that our work as the committee is officially over :'D huaaaaa I have this kinda love-hate relationship with this kinda feeling: a mixed feeling between happy, proud, relieved, and sad as an event and my work as one of the committee member ends...

heads of the divisions - 2 missing

I had a great time working with you guys.. (': you are the most amazing people and I can't ask for better partners! And also.... my lovely 'Matterians' (the name I invented to call the members of Matter&Research Division)! It has been amazing, wonderful 6 months working with you. I can never thank you enough for this amazing opportunity (': oh well, now I'm getting emotional (':

my IR besties ♥

To conclude this, I just wanna say that I am beyond happy to have known you guys and to have worked with you guys, both the committee and the 2011 freshmen (: Just remember, our journey in the IR Department is not over yet! Let's keep up this outstanding performance and finish up later (soon, hopefully) STRONG! :D

I love you, people.. I really am looking forward for the next opportunities working with you all. (; Toodles! And cheers to GINTRE 2011! (We're on KOMPAS -a national-wide newspaper-, people! UH-HUH!) :D


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